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Bingu's advisers part II and Zimbabwe

I had just written another article, before it mysteriously dissappeared, but I am determined to write again on this topic. Of course I do get reactions from some people I have known asking me If I want to join a bandwagon of advisers. I am not yet 30, so I dont think I qualify to give official advice to someone except to say the truth and remain honest. Thats the only medicine I discovered of having a peace of mind through out my life, be honest and speaking the truth. Dont use lies even for entertainment. Just last week I said Muluzi machinery seems to be working within Bingu's system to confuse the my grandfather and at the same time make the Former President look like a victim and gather public sympathy. Someone called me and said it was an assumption without evidence. I challenged him if he had ever studied political science to measure the next three decisions or mentioning of Muluzi, that it will come from State House and the matters will make Muluzi an innocent victim of a r

How much can Bingu trust some of his advisers

The more my President makes a decision, mostly for someone who understand grassroot politics its looks like miscaculated or done in panic, that one would wonder where the advice is coming from. I would challenge someone to do a simple survey district by district and come up with information that can contradict most of the advice that my head of state believes. Of course one element I will accept is that Government or rather the Democratic Progressive Party always believes that Bakili Muluzi, the UDF National Chairman is up to something. This is the man they have credited of buying Judges, Journalists, doctors and now even buying all the maize to create artificial shortage. My foot and God should forbid, it seems someone in DPP is obsessed with Muluzi so much that he cannot sleep or let a day pass without thinking of this past Malawi President. But seriously, Akweni the other day and the MBC were propagating that some reporters get K150,000 from Muluzi a month to propagate negative imag

From Teargas through robbers to Aids protest

I do not believe in some super human beings or something out of the ordinary. That is why I have problems with people like President Robert Mugabe, who after 28 years in power think the best option is to remain in power. Come one, reality has shown that no one lives forever and more importantly we will all have to pave way for others no matter how our good intentions might be. But today I am not on Mugabe, I had fun last night when Celtel rewarded its customers at Capital Hotel and someone asked me why I was dancing and cheering, I told him this was one of the most interesting weeks. I find Government or the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) too obsessed with Dr. Bakili Muluzi of UDF, that while as Journalists we would not think a big story would emerge from many Muluzi's outbrusts, they do make a mountain out of an anthill. Last Saturday, I was happily relaxing after skillfully avoiding Lilongwe which was tense when Government again decided to accord Muluzi with more ammunition a