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Why I have been idle

December is a busy month, we lost Kanyama Chiume, we were commemorating the death of Kamuzu, World Aids Day, the Global Health Council announced Malawi as a site for the first ever candlelight memorial day, then there are coupons, politics, James Phiri. I would love to make a comment. Yesterday Malawi admitted that we dont have statistics based on a reliable survey to examine the extent of the multi-drug resistant TB. Of course Blantyre hada cholera scare after water went AWOL. The UDF convention has been postponeed. I had to attend the Media Institute AGM and of course work on African Healthcare Journalists Network. I am also working on the candle ligt media programme from January. Then UNICEF/MISA Child Health and PMMCCT programme that will culminate into various awards. I am sure its been busy for most people. However, early next week I should be able to tell what I will be doing come 2008 and that will determine how I can respond to issues in Health, Journalism and Africa. If I don