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Bingu wa Mutharika

In most people's mind, what I put onmy blog can affect my profession or that I would bootlick to get favours working for a public station. Unfortunately no! In my life, no one has made me. I have made myself. I started an organisation from a scratch, i become a Journalist with very basic training and now I can confortable claim global links which will propel me to some other level. But I believe in my country. I believe in Malawi and definately at this point where the hard working spirit has been rekindled by Bingu after the "kaunjika" and "handouts" story by the other regime. Much has been said about section 65 and now about Bingu proroguing the Budget sitting of Parliament which effectively closes the current session. I was one of those Malawians annoyed that for the first time in history we could confortably spend three months wasting 310 million kwacha discussion one item: section 65. The political benefits of this section and its relevance to our democracy