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2014 Malawi Elections Results -Congrats Peter, walk the talk now

Congratulations to the DPP family. The battle was great, but they have managed to sway Malawians that they offer the best option. Malawians now look forward to moving on after 10 day comedy that has damaged our nation. Congratulations Soulosi Chilima two, Malawi's 5th Vice President, cant wait for Government reforms to a corporate entity and selling of Malawi to foreign investors. We will again write more on such topics. Justice of Appeal and Chairman from the Malawi Electoral Commission at 11.32pm declared Professor Peter Mutharika as the duly elected 5th Republican President. Here is the breakdown: His Excellency the President-elect: Professor Peter Mutharika (DPP) 1, 904 399- 36.4% Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera (MCP) 1 455 808-Leader of Opposition- 22.8% Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda (PP)  1 056 236 -20.2% Mr. Atupele Muluzi (UDF)717 224-13.7% How will Professor Mutharikas Presidency look like, read the 2009 interview he granted to me which is among the older posts of t

Our democracy, our land, one Malawi

There has never been a time in our history when the country has faced one of its most critical challenge like the one we are facing now. Last night the Chairman of the Malawi Electoral Commission Justice Maxon Mbendera declared the process of the disputed 2014 Tripartite elections free, fair and credible. The only question everyone has, is to whom. The Justice of Appeal went further, describing the 65 anomalies that had been noted as such and not consistent pattern to subvert the will of the people. This was on the eve of a court ruling, that will reclaim Malawi either as a democratic or a chaotic nation. We have become a laughing stock, reduced entirely as a travelling theatre and nobody among our political class seem to care. They all want their positions to prevail. The Courts have been dragged into the mud and for the first time, Malawi's most independent Government branch has come under attack from all sides based on ones political inclination. The biggest question is

Form a Government of National Unity

Malawi is at a crossroads. There is very little that will come from the current election circus. If it is proven of rigging, we have to arrest the rigger and ban them. It will be a crisis. The present danger is that even if one is declared a winner of this election, their legitimacy and ability to govern will be weakened. The elections were a total shamble and the result is not credible. Justice Mbenderas attitude has not been helping matters. Even if we recount so many times, we will have the danger of nobody accepting results. There is one solution, let us from a Government of National Unity for one year. Let us through the government institute electoral reforms and set a date for Presidential elections. All parties should participate in the new Government and elections should be managed by all people. This process has failed Malawi and we are racing against time to time bomb.

Malawi elections recount

I totally agree to the recount, but we should stand firm on our constitution principles people advising JB should know Malawi belongs to us, any damage to it we pay to it. For JB she has worked hard to be where she is, I expect her to guard her legacy and status. Many people across the World believe in her. The decision to cancel the election was wrong and I will always stand by that. God Bless Malawi, keep it a Land of Peace

Malawi elections cancelled

JB won't run and Malawians will decide

Projected Final tally

So far projections across the country are indicating that the Democratic Progressive Party could be returning to power. However it should be stressed that these are unofficials results. The round up figures indicate: Dr. Lazarous Chakwera: President of Malawi Congress Party: 1,400,000. Professor Peter Mutharika: President of the Democratic Progressive Party will have unassailable target of 1,900,000. We will update the blog with indications for each district soon

Emerging Picture from Presidential results and appeal for all voters be allowed to vote

Elections are expensive for everybody. In 1999, the Electoral Commission rejected results from Livombo Community Centre on the basis that they came late. They declared that it was not important in the final outcome. The MCP candidate Sam Gama was declared winner and the results were later nullified by the High Court after UDF candidate Iqbal Omar contended that every voter has a right to vote. Even without one polling station, the Electoral Commission cannot declare anybody a winner. With 150 complaints, they need to be addressed before we know the results. The Electoral Commission has a duty to ensure that every noise is accommodated and addressed promptly with the narrow margins of victory, the country could be set on fire. We appeal to EC to make sure everybody votes and every vote is counted for. Finally for those that took oath to uphold the constitution, the time to show that spirit is now, stand by your constitution, your people and the will of Malawians, decisions we make s

Projections of Members of Parliament

The 193 seats chamber will no longer have a party with an absolute majority. The current projections of the seats in the House stands as follows: 1. Malawi Congress Party: 67 2. Democratic Progressive Party: 44 3. United Democratic Front: 35 4. Independents: 24 5. Peoples Party: 12 6. Chipani Chapfuko The figures represents the current projections only. Many former MPs are making a come back to Parliament from the 2004-2009 including: Balaka North: Lucius Banda Chikwawa North: Harry Thomson Ntchisi South: Nkhosa Kamwendo Ntchisi North East: Boniface Kadzamira We will provide more detailed analysis especially for Blantyre City later in the day.                

National final projected results per districts

Get your calculators and do the maths, akuti nthawi yo sova. Only Blantyre urban and rural, Lilongwe urban, NKhotakota and Mangochi we do no have, if you have send us quickly we do a real declaration:    District.         Professor Peter  Mutharika.               Rev. Dr Chakwera Chitipa.              31  214.                                           7 724.                                 (23 490) Karonga.              29 051.                                            28  065.                             (986) Rumphi.               5 949.                                               11 325.                             (5376) LIkoma.                2 465.                                                1 166.                                (1,299) Mzuzu.                  16 040.                                              20 154.                               ( 4  114) Mzimba                 57. 833.                                              61 490.                        

Chakwera could be the next President

Most Southern districts have called Rev. Chakwera has maintained an edge over Professor Mutharika

Parliamentary update

One thing is becoming clear, no one will win an absolute majority in the next Parliament. From 65 confirmed seats the break down indicates almost equal chances between the MCP and the DPP. One if them will be the ruling part hand the other the opposition. Independents will form the third largest block and UDF will have the fourth. PP primary methodology was a disaster the party will struggle even to reach 20 seats in the House. Who ever wins will need to work with these parties to pass bills, no free ride for the next Republican President. Will offer update and analysis of how the next Parliament is likely to look like

Electoral Commission could be split and results might not be out by Sunday

The Electoral Commission which is appointed on partisan basis and representation could end being split and it could affect the certification and eventual results coming out. So far from 1.4 million votes counted so far, MCP President Lazarous Chakwera has a slight lead 45,000 against DPP's President Peter Mutharika while the gap between Chakwera and President Joyce Banda is around 89,000 and with Mutharika 49,000. With protests from the Peoples Party and an 8 day provided gap, the swearing in ceremony that was expected to take place this Saturday is very unlikely and the Electoral Commission has until Wednesday, 27 May, 2014 to release the results. It will be a long way to knowing what Malawians will is like. We are not putting exact figures until we have clear indications. But the winner will eventually be decided by how Professor Mutharika perfoms in Southern Region remaining votes and how he will gain in Central Region. So far the game is for DPP candidate to loose, though MCP

PP injunction application rejected by High Court in Blantyre-what options remain for President Banda

The High Court in Blantyre has rejected an application from PP's asking for an injunction asking the court to stop MEC from announcing both unofficial and official results. Through their lawyer Christopher Masanje, PP also wanted the court to stop Zodiak Broadcasting Station and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation from announcing unofficial results. Malawi is moving towards a new phase......the options that remain for the President is to reject the results before announcement or declared, declare a State of Emergency and risk isolating Malawi Internationally or wait and fight another day. MEC should start moving faster to qualm tensions, address grievances quickly where they have been presented and may be call all candidates to an emergency meeting this evening to explain the process and seek  consensus  on issues that we can have results by tommorrow to avoid further tensions.

Full statement of protest by President Joyce Banda, MEC Chair Justice Maxon Mbendera rejects immediately

STATEMENT BY HER EXCELLENCY DR JOYCE BANDA PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MALAWIAND THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE OF THE PEOPLES PARTY ON THE STATUS OF COUNTING OF BALLOTS AT KAMUZU PALACE, LILONGWE ON THURSDAY, 22NDMAY, 2014 My Fellow Malawians I wish to thank you all for the peaceful voting that has taken place generally throughout the country. I note with regret that there were some exceptions in some areas where we witnessed some serious disruption of the polling process and in other cases the non-delivery of polling materials necessitating that polling in some centers had to take place on the Wednesday the 21st. My Government and I are committed to ensuring a free, fair, peaceful and credible election. Throughout my tenure of office I have demonstrated the need for an open, inclusive and participatory process of governance. Hence, the witnessing of the levelling of the political playing field, opening up of the airwaves and guaranteeing the freedoms and liberties as provided for

Malawi political tensions up now-JB wants manual recount of all ballots

President Joyce Banda, who has been running up third has asked the Electoral Commission to recount manually all ballot papers cast in Tuesday's General Elections. The Electoral Commission is rejecting allegations that its computer systems were hacked by the Opposition Democratic Progressive Party whose candidate Professor Peter Mutharika has taken an early lead. However most of the results announced were coming from tally centres and not involved in any computerised system. Political tensions should be running high as the President read  an alleged suicide note from Former Deputy Minister of Local Government Godfrey Jefa Kammanya, who killed himself Thursday morning. The note states "DPP threatened I will be killed, I would rather go in peace than be killed" Legal minds are yet to confirm if the President has powers to suspend the electoral process but the constitution states that She remains in charge until the next President is sworn in. We call Malawians to remain at

Reports indicate President Joyce Banda to address the nation at 10

The uncertainty of what is the future of President Joyce Banda could at 10am as she is set to address the Malawi nation, the first after results indicate that she has been coming a third in Presidential results. This blog will publish first figures of 50 percent national tally at 11am.

Former Lilongwe Msozi North MP commits suicide

Officials have confirmed the death of Godfrey Jefa Kamanya, former Deputy Minister for Local Government committed suicide this morning at his residence at Area 10 in Lilongwe. He has left a suicide note according to close sources saying "anawa muwawuze Mayi Banda andilelera, a Police asavutike Ndi kundimanga nkhani zawo." We are waiting for Police sources to confirm  on what account were they looking for him. Some family members indicate he might have had huge debts incurred during the election believing he would pay back after winning. May HIs Soul Rest In  Peace

Presidential Elections swing

The Presidential Elections continue to swing between the three main contenders Professor Peter Mutharika of DPP, Reverend Lazarous Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party and President Joyce Banda. The better reported results for UDF Presidential candidate Mr. Atupele Muluzi  in Balaka, Machinga and Mangochi has halted Professor Mutharika from claiming outright victory of the polls. He however continues to appear to be a strong contender, alongside Reverend Chakwera whose base Lilongwe has given him overwhelming support. Results from Mulanje, Blantyre, Lilongwe and Chikwawa are now critical to guaranteeing ones occupation of the State House. 40 Centres are voting today with an estimated voting population of 200,000. Due to late flows of information, it is not safe to declare anybody with a safe lead, as the results keep swinging.

Loosing heavyweights in Central Region and Nkhatabay South

So far the Peoples Party only Uladi Mussa from the former Cabinet has won his Salima South seat and his counterpart Kassim Liguluwe for Salima South East PP Presidential runnigmate Sosten Gwengwe has lost UDF Presidential runningmate Dr. Godfrey Chapola has lost PP Campaign Diretor Ken Zikhale Ng'oma has lost to Emily Chinthu Phiri (independent) and Nkhatabay South Former Vice President Dr. Cassim Chilumpha has lost Former Justice Minister Fahad Assani has lost Former Transport Minister Ulemu Chilapondwa has lost Former Environment Minister Halima Daudi has lost Former Defence Minister Ken Kandodo has lost Former Minister of Good Governance Dr. Chris  Daza has lost Former Deputy Minister of Local Government Godfrey Kamanya Former Deputy Minister of Gender Agness Chatipwa has lost Former Deputy Minister of Health Chiku Hiwa has lost Former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Abele Kayembe has lost

Presidential and Parliamentary projections

Professor Peter Mutharika out of 1,100 polling centres of 4445 has surged to 31 percent Dr. Lazaroua Chakwera of the same polling centres stands at 25 percent Dr. Joyce Banda at the same polls now at 23 percent Mr. Atupele Muluzi at the same polls now at 15 percent Parliamentary Candidates for Karonga: We can project that Frank Mwenefumbo will reclaim his seat of Karonga Central (independent) We can project that JB Kamwambi of DPP is poised to take Karonga Northwest We can project Vincent Ghambi of DPP is poised to take Karonga North PP has already claimed Karonga South with Reverend Malani Msowoya Wating for final projection for MCP Runningmate Richard Msowoya in Karonga Nyungwe We should close Karonga district soon.

Mchini votes for Dr. Chakwera

We can safely project a 70 percent win for Dr. Lazarous Chakwera in Mchinji. Independent MP is expected  to cost the party a seat, while Mchinji North can still be retained by Racheal Mazombwe Zulu

Rumphi votes for Peoples Party

The Peoples Party is projected to win Rumphi district with a 75 percent win on Presidency. However the party might only gain two seats, Rumphi East and Rumphi North, Rumphi West has gone to an independent a dutch born Jakilini and Rumphi Central is a three-way horse race

Thyolo calls for Democratic Progressive Party

DPP is projected to sweep Thyolo district with a margin of 82 percent.

25 percent of the votes tabulated

Professor Peter Mutharika of DPP leads with 26 percent Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of MCP with 23 percent Dr. Joyce Banda of PP has 22 percent Mr. Atupele Muluzi of UDF has 17 percent Out of 4, 445 polling centres, only 561 have reported by 5.30am. Waiting for update on  number of MPs for each party as of this morning. The 15 percent projected by Afro-barometer could decide the elections


MCP candidate Juliana Lunguzi as unassailable lead in Dedza East, we declare the seat

Mzimba South West constituency

Vice President Khumbo Kachali has reclaimed his seat.... third constituency to go

Honourable Kamlepo Kalua M.P

Former MDP President has been elected as MP for Rumphi East on Peoples Party ticket. He has unassailable lead over all candidates

Karonga South constituency goes to Peoples Party

Reverend Malani Ntonga of the PEOPLES PARTY we can safely declare that he has unassailable lead. So far only one clear MP for the night

Results and districts to watch

We remain cautious on what we give the public. The highest voting districts in Malawi are and these are likely to determine the elections; 1. Lilongwe 2. Mzimba 3. Blantyre 4. Mangochi 5. Zomba 6. Machinga 7. Kasungu 8. Thyolo 9. Dedza 10. Mulanje The total between these districts is around 4.5 million.

We declare Likoma DPP

Likoma District has retained blue colours of 2009 elections for President and Parliament. It is the first district we can safely declare tonight. 28 more to go

Kasungu, Dowa, Ntchisi and Chitipa

Results are slowly now forming a picture we will file figures very soon: Chitpa Central James Nyondo takes a lead at one centre, in Kasungu, Dowa, and Ntchisi Dr. Chakwera, in clear lead in a total of 6 centres provided. In Dedza South at one polling centre former Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu trailing MCP candidate

Results flow starts in at 1am

We are now set to start announcing constituencies and affirmative projections with at least 5 or more centres compiled

Note on early results projections

Projections from one particular  out of 20,30 or 50 polling centres do not give any accurate information, that is why we are avoiding numbers until we have enough of them declared. It would be too early to celebrate and so far less than 100 of the almost 10,000 polling centres have reported. Lets have patience as we indicated the stream will be clear from around 2am. So far most are starting with Councillors and then MPs. We will strive to give you a clear picture

Lilongwe City West UDF taking an early lead at Livimbo primary school

Lilongwe City West, Livimbo Centre UDF candidate Atupele Muluzi and Councillors projected to win. DPP is coming second and MCP third.

Lilongwe Northwest set for Chakwera

MCP President Dr. Lazarous Chakwera likely to be elected to Parliament as MP for Lilongwe North West.

Machinga Lukwenu

Mr. Atupele Muluzi projected with  a landslide win UDF Candidate David Lally to make it to Parliament

Rumphi Central

President Joyce Banda is projected to win, figures start arriving soon. Aford President Enock Chihana in tight race with PP Candidate and Independent

Mzimba South West

Early Presidential projected win Peoples Party President Joyce Banda Vice President Khumbo Kachali likely to loose his seat to Independent Raymond Nkhata, so far in two centres with large voting numbers

Karonga Nyungwe

MCP runningmate Richard Msowoya projected to in his seat in Parliament, presidential vote heading towards Peoples Party candidate Dr. Joyce Banda

Mzuzu City

Early projections indicate a lead for Peoples Party President Joyce Banda with one centre  Kachehe differnce of 1044 (PP), DPP 195, MCP 115 and UDF 22. In another centre MCP candidate Dr. Chakwera lead by 130 votes difference to Dr. Joyce Banda of PP. More resuls coming

Karonga North Constituency

Early projections indicate the DPP Parliamentary candidate Vincent Winstone Ghambi has taken a lead in at least four centres. This constituency has Kondwani Brian Nyasulu (Peoples Party) Joseph Mwanjasi (MCP) Griffin Kayira (UDF) and Moston Kayange (independent). Nyasulu is coming one in some centres and  second and we can only project after half are counted. Likoma, so far emerging picture is DPP and PP and MCP in a three way fight for Parliament with a strong gap for DPP candidate. Very accurate update coming soon. Mzimba Luwerezi an independent Candidate has taken an early lead. In Mangochi North counting has started for Councillors only and so far tight race between the Peoples Party candidates and UDF candidates. UDF is registering strong leads in Machinga so far Next update with voting figures at 11pm

Central Region guide to where party officials are running

The following is a guide to constituencies with party heavyweights contesting. This is a guide to your simple results on how they stand. This is for Central Region: Kasungu Kasungu North Oswald Lutepo (independent) vs Mandala Shaba (DPP) and Beatrice Mwale (PP) Kasungu North West Activist Rogers Newa (PP) versus five other candidates Kasungu Central Former Defence Minister Ken Kandodo (PP) versus four other candidates Kasungu North East Former Presidential Adviser Elias Wakuda Kamanga (PP) versus former Deputy Minister Augastine Mtendere (independent) Nkhotakota Nkhotakota North East Lawyer Khuze Kapeta (independent) vs former Minister Daniel Liwimbi (DPP) Nkhotakota Central Clement Stambuli (PP) vs  five others Nkhotakota South Former Vice President Dr Cassim Chilumpha (independent) vs Former Justice Minister Fahad Assani (PP) Ntchisi Ntchisi South Former Transport Minister Ulemu Chilapondwa (PP) vs 5 others Salima Salima Central Lawyer Samuel Tembenu (DPP)

Northern Region Constituencies to watch this evening as results come in

The following is a guide to constituencies with party heavyweights contesting. This is a guide to your simple results on how they stand. This is for Northern Region Chitipa North: DPP Vice President Nick Masebo fighting with Peoples Party former Agriculture Minister Dr. James Munthali Chitipa Central: Presidential Candidate for NASAF James Nyondo versus 8 candidates Karonga Central: Bengahzi; PP's Frank Mwenefumbo and Former Deputy Minister Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda Karonga Nyungwe MCP Vice President Richard Msowoya battling with four candidates Rumphi Central: Aford President Enock Chakufwa Chihana battling with PP Norman Nyirenda Nkhatabay Central: DPP's Symon Vuwa Kaunda versus PP's Ralph Mhone Nkhatabay Northwest Former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara versus  six other candidates Nkhatabay South Dr. Ken Zikhale Ng'oma (PP) versus Emily Chinthu Phiri (independent) and Prof Eta Banda (independent) Mzimba North DPP's Goodall Gondwe versus Yeremia

Waiting for Malawi Electoral Commission update

The Electoral Commission is expected to provide update as final hours of the elections approach. At least 97 percent of the centres are operating. Problems remain in volatile Ndirande Township and also at Nkolokoti where violence erupted. Reports indicate Chilangoma and Chiwembe centres not also being able to vote. However in majority of centres across the country, elections have proceeded smoothly. We expect first results from Lilongwe City and many urban areas before the Rural vote comes in. Results will be posted as they come in. We are present in 2,000 polling centres and 100 constituencies, we should be able to project Presidential election results between Dr. Joyce Banda (Peoples Party) Reverend Lazarous Chakwera (Malawi Congress Party) Mr. Atupele Muluzi (United Democratic Front) and Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (Democratic Progressive Party). Nkolokoti after rumours that three ballot boxes were pre-marked the situation has returned to normal despite some people stealing

Malawi Elections updates from 6pm May 20, 2014

7.41 Malawians will on 20th May 2014 be casting their votes to elect a President, 192 Members of Parliament and over 400 Local Government Councillors. Blantyre North constituency will not have Parliamentary elections due to the death of MCP candidate Chetser Mulli. The elections, one of the closest in years are expected to elect a hung Parliament and a President with a narrow majority. The blog will be live from 8.30 pm on Tuesday with preliminary ground results from all the polling centres. The pace of our results will be dictated by how the results come in at each tallying centre. We should, by 10am on Wednesday, 21 May have a clear indication as to how the Presidency has been decided though final results on Thursday 22 May, 2014. See you from tommorrow evening.....