PP injunction application rejected by High Court in Blantyre-what options remain for President Banda

The High Court in Blantyre has rejected an application from PP's asking for an injunction asking the court to stop MEC from announcing both unofficial and official results. Through their lawyer Christopher Masanje, PP also wanted the court to stop Zodiak Broadcasting Station and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation from announcing unofficial results. Malawi is moving towards a new phase......the options that remain for the President is to reject the results before announcement or declared, declare a State of Emergency and risk isolating Malawi Internationally or wait and fight another day. MEC should start moving faster to qualm tensions, address grievances quickly where they have been presented and may be call all candidates to an emergency meeting this evening to explain the process and seek consensus on issues that we can have results by tommorrow to avoid further tensions.


Maxwell Maida said…
Mwana wakana phalatu apa. She cant even control MBC.

Following your posts with interest. Keep up the good work Kondwani.
She wouldn't dare do something reminiscent of "midnight 6" I am sure considering how she reacted and treated them with cases still in court

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