Loosing heavyweights in Central Region and Nkhatabay South

So far the Peoples Party only Uladi Mussa from the former Cabinet has won his Salima South seat and his counterpart Kassim Liguluwe for Salima South East
PP Presidential runnigmate Sosten Gwengwe has lost
UDF Presidential runningmate Dr. Godfrey Chapola has lost
PP Campaign Diretor Ken Zikhale Ng'oma has lost to Emily Chinthu Phiri (independent) and Nkhatabay South
Former Vice President Dr. Cassim Chilumpha has lost
Former Justice Minister Fahad Assani has lost
Former Transport Minister Ulemu Chilapondwa has lost
Former Environment Minister Halima Daudi has lost
Former Defence Minister Ken Kandodo has lost
Former Minister of Good Governance Dr. Chris  Daza has lost
Former Deputy Minister of Local Government Godfrey Kamanya
Former Deputy Minister of Gender Agness Chatipwa has lost
Former Deputy Minister of Health Chiku Hiwa has lost
Former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Abele Kayembe has lost


Unknown said…
Lessons learnt
Unknown said…
Post more results.... Following all the way🙈🙊🙉

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