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World Cup South Africa: Africa can do it

This is it! Mnet yesterday premiered Micheal Jackson's This is, already accessble on DVD across the continent but was not availble on television. There were six of us watching switching between the Mnet Channels and Channel 223 where Superspot was beaming Brazil versues Ivory Coast game. Ivory Coast lost, but Africa again won the game. This is a continent which has been written off by many people. This is a continent which big channels like BBC and CNN are still looking for a breaking news in terms of security lapses at World. Unfortunately Africa has arrived and the World Cup proves that we can do anythng the World can. We no longer need special allocations, nor doubting Thomases who thought Sepp Blatter wanted a cheap vote by saying Africa should host the World. No Africa is a continent fully awake to its reality, that is why those playing the 'Washington Concesus' games should start changing strategy. Africa is no longer a backyard colony of any nation, the legacy of the

Israel and the United States; what next

When I wrote about black Americans, Obama and Iran some very accomplished journalists in the US and UK wrote back and we have been arguing on the role of the United States in global politics. I insisted that the World community really favours the rich countries and rights of poor people and their beliefs do not matter. I have just been proved right, the attack on the Palestine Flotilla shows the World of an oustanding inequality that the United Nations and others have ignored and pretended to address. They had audacity to fly ban Ki-moon to seek release of two gay Malawians but cannot provide adequate security to the 700 person whose only crime was to reach out assistance to the palestine. Further more, the image of the United Nations as a hopeless institution continues to grow. Israel repeated the same just on Friday when it stopped Racheal Currie from delivered humanitarianian aid to Gaza. Of course the only way for Gaza to gain peace is when the two sides talk, but Israel has bro