Israel and the United States; what next

When I wrote about black Americans, Obama and Iran some very accomplished journalists in the US and UK wrote back and we have been arguing on the role of the United States in global politics. I insisted that the World community really favours the rich countries and rights of poor people and their beliefs do not matter.

I have just been proved right, the attack on the Palestine Flotilla shows the World of an oustanding inequality that the United Nations and others have ignored and pretended to address. They had audacity to fly ban Ki-moon to seek release of two gay Malawians but cannot provide adequate security to the 700 person whose only crime was to reach out assistance to the palestine.
Further more, the image of the United Nations as a hopeless institution continues to grow. Israel repeated the same just on Friday when it stopped Racheal Currie from delivered humanitarianian aid to Gaza.
Of course the only way for Gaza to gain peace is when the two sides talk, but Israel has broken all International norms, by doing exactly what the terrorists do- attack innocent people without legitimate provocation.
But for the World, thats where the inequality comes in, Israel and the US will protect each others interest and in the long term the incident like many lives lost before that will disappear from the international media.
However the let go attitude of Israel should start raising concerns on global peace efforts, Iran will demand its right to behave the way it wants, the same with other states who have equal rights as Israel but simply viewed different from Washington.
The World peace will be attained when all person are treated equally, just like the Gaza palestines need to be recognised as human beings first and be given access to what they need without undue restriction.
Otherwise anger as seen in the aftermath of Flotilla only breed hatred which has ended up with innocent lives being lost than protected.
Let President Obama, as a Nobel Peace Prize recipient- strange as it was- wake up and bring peace and equality to all people from all places. People celebrated his election as a new period of hope. I believe hope to all- including peace to palestines.
It time someone brought Israel into check and USA is the most appropriate forum!


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