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Blessed Holidays

Happy Christmas and have a blessed Holiday. There many praying today, actually more people in the World believe than non believers. A Gallop Poll years back found that almost 90 percent of Americans believe in existence of God. We have come from a tribulent past, we are now working towards a new beginning. Let all of us reflect our personal contribution towards changing the society we live in and improve more. From this blog, starting January 1, 2011, there will be more added and as one Freelancer Journalist told me, offer free news more as it happens in Malawi. I expect to publish at least a book in 2012 and we can read and share more as we debate to shaoe our own destiny. You are all part of my history by visiting this page, and I wish you happy and blessed Holidays. For those in pain, let the healing hand of the Almighty touch you. I love you all

Dear Leader Kim Jong IL and Gadafi, dictators dont live forever

Kim Jong IL, the reclusive Dear Leader of Democratic Republic of Korea is dead. The World is watching with full amusement on the process this nation is undergoing. They call themselves democratic, the ban free media but loves their own media. Thats the irony of a dictator. The public media often biased towards the ruling clique will play the game until the last end or the fall of a dictator. I still recall the defiance of the Libyan State TV even when Gadaffi had run out of Tripoli. Syrias Assad is busy showing "the other side of the war" but in truth he has been sending hundreds of troops to kill innocent people demanding that they be governed on equal footing. Unfortunately for dictators, their immediate families and cronies, the assume they have God given right to determine every persons fate. General Noriega that awful dictator of Panama is in jail, I have forgoten what has happened to General Pinochet. But Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghadafi and many others have left the wor

Inspector General Peter Mukhito testifies

The Head of Malawi Police service appeared at the Commission of Inquiry today for over one hour. However the media was barred from the hearing as it was deemed necessary under the National Security. Mukhito arrived at 10.21 and went straight into the chamber and left at 11.32am. Commission Secretary Allison Mbang'ombe said it was normal for anybody to request for private hearing. We are working to get the recorded testimony by end of next week and we will update this page accordingly.

Undule Mwakasungula appears before by the Commission

This morning the circus on July 20 demonstrations had opened after two senior Police officers testified on Monday afternoon. Evarson Saliwa, Lilongwe Police Officer in Charge was very candid and honest and refused to blame media or ascertain to a popular question from Apostle Timothy Khoviwa and James Namphambo. He said the injunction was mostly to blame as it inflamed Malawians. Namphambo this morning pulled a shocker "How many bonafide humans did you have?" Undule who looked very calm and composed had dismissed the notion of money being paid to demonstators and say he believes dialogue should not be open ended and not prolonging the suffering. Undule has told the Commission that there was no intention for regime change that is why they presented the petition. He said the people who obtained the last minute injunction wanted initially to hold counter demonstrations. He says the motive was clear. He has blamed MBC for inflaming Malawians. More coming...

July 20 Commission of Inquiry update

17 year old Mphatso Victor of Lumbadzi and his father Petro Victor have given a moving evidence this morning. Mphatso has a live bullet on his knee and he was shot as he came from his father's gardern. When he approached the Police for assistance after being shot and he was bleeding, the Police arrested him took him to Hospital and later kept him bleeding for 29 hours. The Kamuzu Central Hospital says he need surgical operation in South Africa. The witness is Isaac Kambwiri who told the Commission that Police beat up people. Now its the turn of Police officers starting with Sargent Moses Chipeta who does not say what caused the looting and the role of the Police in the whole fiasco

July 20 demonstrations- Lilongwe live update

Kelvin Mmangisa: The President okeyed the demontrations. But personally he would never have allowed the demonstrations because he feared the worse. Commissioner Thyolamwendo is doing a good job of trying to cleanse the Police of the killings while the Vice Chairman Timothy Khoviwa is trying to hit at the media. The second witness Isaac Kambwiri from Capital Radio has told Levi Mihowa that should Government have listened July 20 could not have happened. Right here I will be updating you in real time and live the proceedings which look like a circus of old men trying to convince a child that babies come from heaven.

Democracy boulevad

The struggle continues From slavery to Independence The path of democracy remain elusive The rising sun gone Hope shattered A flag bringing heat A nation mourns where is our democracy We sacrificed many of our great talents Towards democratic path Jehova,s witnesses, Chisiza, Chipemberes, Orton Chirwa But the boulevad remains hazy' Why did the July 20-21 citzens had die? In a professed democracy Why should we live in fear 18 years after democratising The path is full of bumps The slave traders were Arabs The Colonialists were white The dictator was short Niether a democrat nor dictator was full of humour' The definition now eludes How to define 'democracy boulevad' I fear for my future I queue for my basics My income dwindles everyday Yet I see, happy and fat rulers This painful boulevad Perhaps tommorrow reason will come' Perhaps Parliament sanity will return Perhaps the Courts will live up to their justice titles Perhaps a revolution will come But the strugg

ACB nabs senior Police officer

The Anti-Corruption Bureau Elijah Kachikuwo, Head of Finance at the Malawi Police Service. The ACB is taking him now to the Lilongwe Magistrates Court to read him charges and probably bail hearing. This is in connection to the recent reported K400 million fraud in Government.

Kalinde finally allowed in Parliament

Speaker of Parliament Henry Chimunthu Banda has said the Attorney General Maxon Mbendera has told him to comply with a High Court order allowing member of Thyolo North Anita Kalinde to enter the house. The Speaker in the morning asked Kalinde to leave the house as he consulted despite his signature being on the Court order. Mzimba Hora MP Reverend Christopher Ngwira had asked Chimunthu Banda to explain the presence of Kalinde in the House. The Government side was quite as Kalinde walked in at 11.28am. Breaking news soon on the Anti-Corruption Bureau arrest of a senior Police officer in connection with the K400 million fraud. Details as soon as we confirm the identity and charges brought by the ACB.

Kalinde thrown out

The Speaker has thrown out Thyolo North MP Anita Kalinde sayign he needs to consult more on her comeback. The High Court has granted her an injunction. The Speaker looks certain that he is playing politcs. Update by lunch hour>

Kalinde back in Parliament, Govt starts law review

Just in Lawyer for Thyolo North MP Anita Kalinde, WAPONA KITA has confirmed that High Court Judge Ivy Kamanga has granted an injunction to her stopping her suspension from the National Assembly. The DPP dominated Parliament yesterday voted to suspend her for man handling Home Affairs and National Defence Minister Aaron Sangala. Sangala had accused Lilongwe Businessman late Marshall the Dukes of being behind private parts trading and alleged that Kalinde was married to him. The order means Parliament wasted tax payers money for nothing. In a related development President Bingu wa Mutharika has ordered the review of the laws that have been unpopular with the general public. The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ephraim Mganda Chiume told the Press in Lilongwe this afternoon that the laws to be reviewed include: 1. Section 46 of the Penal Code which gives sweeping powers to Minister of Information to ban any publication that is deemed not to be in public interest. Media group

Bingu should fire his front bench

I have never witnessed a miserable perfomance from a political party than what came out today in Parliament. First whoever decided that the matter on Anita Kalinde should come for debate in the whole house should be fired from the party. That one is an agent of confusion and really does not wish this administration well. After bringing the matter in the House, Government benches were not at all prepared for the onslaught they had set themselves for, from the Robert Chasowa saga to the actual process. For a Government that has spent a huge sum on Professor Peter Mutharika, Minister of Foreign Affairs to convince foreign capitals that we mean well, the questions raised by Clement Chiwaya and Dr. Cassim Chilumpha and the subsquent reaction from Leader of the House Dr. George Chaponda and Goodall Gondwe made Government image look very bad. They might have suspended Kalinde, but they lost the moral and procedural battle. They only reminded Malawians of the time John Tembo and George Ntafu w

Kalinde versus Sangala:

Mangochi West MP Aipira, Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Mutharika sent back for coming late during the vote. Now the results allowing Government to bring a supplementary order paper to bring the matter into the house are as follows: YES VOTES (GOVERNMENT BENCHES) 107 NO VOTE: OPPOSITION BENCHES 45 ABSTAIN: 1 ABSENT- Heavy absence of many Government youthful MP's. 39 Note Zomba Nsondole MP Jane Chilunga, Minister Sangala and Rumphi Central MP Enock Chakufwa Chihana got loud cheers for their votes. Kalinde voted too.

Kalinde Sangala saga begins

Mzimba South MP Paul Shaba asked the whole house to recuse themselves as per standing order 88 as they have direct and indirect material interest. The Speaker has decided that they proceed. The opposition demanded a division after Government won a voice vote. They are now voting. Interestingly all women on Government benches are voting for the the motion to bring the order paper that will allow the house to debate the matter. Stay tuned.

Micheal Jacksons Doctors gets 4 years, Cancer and American Airlines

This month has been a bad month at least five young Malawians I knew to be talented departed from this world. Two of them completely shocking, one evening we were talking the other morning they were gone. I am scared of saying see you tommorrow on skype. But God should confort the families of Stain, Ken Siyabu, Uncle Inno Gandali, Darren Mwagomba and Wisdom Chitedze. Forever we pray for their mercies and abundant grace. Then this evening as I reflected on the many young lives lost, I watched the amazing end of Dr. Conrad Murrays trial on the involuntary manslaughter of Micheal Jackson. He got four years. Many people especially those in the middle and poor classes of society have used religion as a measure of morality, that even though historically some of the so called morals were practices by pagans, they have now not only become forceful but also laws and a measure of each man. Should a doctor, just like a Lawyer refuse the demands of his client when he is being paid to do so? At wha

Minister Aaron Sangala beaten by a Lady MP Anita Kalinde

Watch what you allege. Parliamentary immunity could not save Internal Security and National Defence Minister Aaron Sangala as Thyolo North MP Anita Kalinde descended on him during tea break after he alleged that her ex-husband was a serial murderer. Kalinde was at one time married to a Lilongwe businessman Marshal The Dukes but separated long time ago before he joined politics and died in 2003. Marshall was accused of shaddy deals but the former Policeman said he had gotten rich after supplying cement from Zambia to Malawi during cement crisis in Malawi. Sangala accused Kalinde of cohabiting with 'someone' during a period which Malawians were being attacked and had their private parts removed. Kalinde did not react during the debate on the Ministers statement but waited until the Speaker had adjourned the house for tea break. The unsuspecting Minister of National Defence could not defend himself as Kalinde attacked him and tore his shirt, prompting several DPP parliamentarians

The only thing Parliamentarians got right

Well thanks to technology, I am blogging right inside Parliament the privilage even MP's themselves, despite spending K67 million to purchase laptops do not still have or enjoy. Dont blame me blame their own ancient standing orders which prohibits the use of gadgets in the house. But sitting in Parliament has however become so boring, that you wonder why the tax payer is being asked to cough K3.1 million each day enough to buy medication for five health centres just to listen to the usual noise that has no bearing on todays challenges. Yes Ministers are providing answers, but they are the same answers they have given to the media for the past two years and it is very annoying to find a newly appointed Minister regurgitating the whole statment Ken Kandodo, Grain Malungu or who else was fired among the 21 disgraced Ministers, whose chop was tied to the same challenges. The Cabinet reshuffle to many Malawians was supposed to provide a fresh look to Government and how things are don

Musings from a fuel line

You dont know whether to accept the way things are or curse someone for failing to do their job. But the fact is I am blogging from a fuel line I have been since 10 am this morning. A cool eight hours spent on petty gossip, political musings, naked Police corruption when they allow others to jump the line. Now we have reached a point of accepting the fate our political gods have bestowed on us. You cannot laugh nor get angry. This is a new Malawi. I am tired of paying double the price to black market dealers. I have spent a fortune for trying not to be on the lines, which are now a norm for everyone with a vehicle. The pain is visible in everybodys eyes, people try to create funny tales like one of a Mozambican who was undressed by prostitutes in Luchenza last week. Others try to mock the country's political system. They are all part of time wasting that we are now thinking to be a great national past time. I count how many officers from Capital Hill are no longer productive as we

Israel to strike Iran soon

The threat by Israel to strike Iran is real. The man of God Prophet TB Joshua has just asked all Christians to pray. His first prophecy started 3 years. Pray for the whole World as the Israel prepare to attack Nuclear's settlements. Pray and fast that God should not allow attacks to happen. He said it is closer. This morning the Israel President confirmed of the plans to attack Iran which will mark the official start of the Third World war, as many Arabs will join and the United States is likely to protect Israel. The Ivory Coast still is facing crisis. We keep destroying the nature of God and it has affected the whole world.

Greece and Eurozone crisis, Muammar Ghadafi, Mugabe and Julius Malema

This week has been a very interesting week. In Thailand, the were battling floods after non stop rains. People moved into safety. Elsewhere in the East Coast of the United States it suddenly snowed heavily and the storms caused several states to declare State of Emergency. Contrast the two bad weathers in USA and Thailand to scorching heat Southern and Eastern Africa. In East Africa the drought is devastating and very few are paying attention. But if the occupy Wall Street was not dramatic enough, the World members of UNESCO, 107 Ccountries to be specific believed that Palestinians have a right to share the culture with anybody in the World. The United States, Canada and the Israel Government all woke up and put up measures either to punish UNESCO or Palestinians. This has been a week of shame to global values that Americans propagate through its Peace Corps programme. The issue of Israel and Palestinians will be solved on a negotiation table as some of us have argued over the years. N

Joyce Banda Home, Chancol welcomes Bingu's statement

Vice President Joyce Banda is returning home today through Johannesburg, indicated. This comes after Zambia watchdog website reported quoting Muvi TV that Banda was seeking asylum in Zambia after abruptly returning to a hotel she had checked in on Tuesday. Sources indicate Banda did not want to bump into President Bingu wa Mutharika at Johannesburg's OR Tambo airport as he was flying out to Australia for the Commonwealth Head of State summit. Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied any knowledge of Banda's impending arrest first reported by Nyasatimes when she left the country to attend Zambia's 47th Independence celebrations. In another development, Chancellor Colleg lecturers today welcomed the statement by President Mutharika but said they will wait for the University Council to take necessary steps to facilitate return to work. The end of impasse is now in sight.

The Joyce Banda rumours

We are in the season of political rumours, that time when we go towards campaign and everybody knows something about someone. After checking in four court registries there is no famous warrant of arrest for Joyce Banda. Perhaps it will be applied soon but not yet. Now there is another report which is suggesting that the Vice President returned hastily back to her hotel and she is seeking an asylum in Zambia, as of now, nobody knows where this is coming from but it is a rumour. Currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs is in Geneva, presenting Malawi's side on human rights, the Civil Society had theirs on Tuesday which essentially claimed Government is killing people. The President Bingu wa Mutharika is on his way to Commonwealth. Such rumours only serve one purpose: damage someones reputation more. After Robert Chasowa's saga where almost everybody was implicated, from Police to Civil Society and some politicians, we need to sit down and reflect what exactly we want to achieve

Chancol to open soon

President Bingu wa Mutharika has through a statement by Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) said he was guaranteeing academic freedom within the conditions of service and ordering that the four lecturers that were dismissed as part of the wrangle be reinstated without preconditions. “The four lecturers should be reinstated without any conditions. The President is gravely concerned with the indefinite closure of 8 months. He strongly feels that the right to education of student were greatly affected,” said a statement read on MBC. The statement further said, “The President is guaranteeing academic freedom within the conditions of service of the University of Malawi. That Government has never and will never place spies in classrooms or within the campuses of University of Malawi.” Mutharika’s statement also said he was appointing a High Level Commission of Enquiry to come up with a common definition of Academic Freedom, the rights of students, and general conditions o

Gaddafi dead: lessons to dictators

Libyan Prime Minister has confirmed the death of his former Leader Muammary Gaddafi is a development many did not expect, as defiant as he seemed, many speculated he had already fled Libya. Only his son Saif Al Islam now remains a futigive. The problem of Gaddafi was when he took Libya as a personal estate instead of a collective nation where everybody was equal just before God and every human being. For 40 plus years he ruled Libya with Iron fist and even forgot thata he never presented himself at the ballot for Libyans to decide after his 1969 coup. I had the privilage of travelling to Libya in 2000 and what I saw, as I would see later in Egypt when Mrs Susan Mubarak addressed the youth was Gaddafi's insistence that he represented the youth through and through. I was shell shocked when a black skinned Mauritanian told me when we run away from the posh Hotel Gaddafi had accomodated us to the market in Tripoli when I heard that all black skinned citizens or immigrants were treated

Gaddafi dead

Killed, dragged in the streets of Sirte, the city he used to develop nepotistically. Dictators should lerns freely that only God can reign more than anything. Humans are all equal and you treat your own with respect, dignity and love, they will allow you to retire and rest in peace. More analysis to follow: go to for more real time coverage on Gadaffi
Human Rights Watch has demanded that Malawi arrest and hand over Al Bashir, President of Sudan wanted by the International Criminal Court of Justice. Malawi is the party to the ICC. Though unlikely the matter will add to the embarrassments of Government at International Community. Read fulll story on President Robert Mugabe is now sheduled to land any time soon at Kamuzu International Airport.

Comesa leaders arrive in Malawi

The Comesa Heads of States summit is only hours away. Nourdine Bourhane, Vice President of the Union of Comoros, arrived yesterday to a warm Lilongwe. First to arrive today was Vice President of Zambia Guy Scott, who told the press he will make a statement later after consulting his team on the ground. He is scheduled to speak to the press soon at his Hotel the Golden Peacock. Scott flew through Johannesburg and arrived on an SAA flight. Kenyan Vice President Steven Kalonzo Musyoka has also arrived minutes after Scott and he was brought in a Kenyan Airways flight. He did not speak to the media. Third to arrive in the afternoon aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa is the Prime Minister of Dhjibouti Dileta Mohammoud Dileta. Expected later is the President of Burundi Pierre Nkozinza, President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, the King of Swaziland His Majesty Mswati III and President of Sudan Hassan Al Bashir. Will keep you updated throughout the Comesa summit. They are all welc

Robert Chasowa- the revelations

If Civil Society called for demonstrations, would you trust them? Obviously the answer is no. Is Kenneth Msonda, the UDF spokesperson worthy the paper his name is written on, the answer would be no. Thanks to the blood of Robert Chasowa, we now all know what we suspected long time ago, people are serving their own agenda's and very little concerns the poor Malawian. The Weekend headlines rightfully or wrongl focused on the Police dealings with Chasowa, the youngman who unfortunately has achieved fame so much in death than in real life. He offered his service to the Police, met the country's top most cop and agreed on the price, K10 million. But the fact is that he was not alone in plotting to betray many voiceless Malawians who wanted to speak on the crisises that have seen fuel, power and even water challenges become normal. There were Civil Society leaders like Rafik Hajat who until the 16th of August insisted that they would go ahead with the vigils, yet they were speaking t


Resumes later today after four days of internet crash. Read about Malawi's outdated political software.

Steven Jobs dead

The man who made Apple to be what it is today. The greatest American invetor of our generation. Cancer has claimed another high profile name, wake up world do something about this condition killing the best of our society.

Atupele Muluzi suspended

A day after declaring interest to run for presidency, Austin Atupele Muluzi has been suspended from the party his father founded. United Democratic Front spokesperson has said Atupele, has suspended for gross indiscipline. Details coming soon. Nyasatimes has been brought down and we are experiencing hacks to this blog. If you do not find us, try facebook page with the same name!

Atupele Muluzi declares Presidential ambitions

The race is on, the candidates are slowly coming into shape. Now the most anticipated announcement is over, Machinga North East MP Autsin Atupele Muluzi will be running for presidency in 2014. The young man, declared as natural leader for the young generation has made the declaration this morning in Blantyre. Before we develop a full analysis of what needs to be done. He is a sample of a 2014 Ballot paper as it stands today: Candidate Party Peter Mutharika Aurther Democratic Progressive Party Joyce Banda Peoples Party Atupele Austin Muluzi Youth Agenda for Change Coalition (Breaaways of UDF, MCP, DPP and Aford) Fahad Assani/ Friday Jumbe/ Dr. Cassim Chilumpha- United Democratic Front John Z. U Tembo Malawi Congress Party Unkown New Congress Party Uladi Mussa Maravi Peoples Party The landscape is now developing, the major players are out, prepare yourself for a massive campaign not equalled to any before. There will be the Youth, Women and experience agenda and calls. Who emerges as

Jumani deported

Immigration officials have taken Jim Jumani Johannson, the man who claimed to have been Kamuzu Banda's son to the Kamuzu International Airport for deportation. Immigration officials told me just a few minutes ago that Jumani has already left the airport through Ethiopian Airlines. Jumani will now have to face his mother and many he said were bad to him. Fare thee well the young "Kamuzu'

Micheal Jackson trial, burning markets and mysterious deaths!

Breaking now: Jim Jumani Johansson is now at Lilongwe Immigration office after officers collected him from his home. He holds a Swedish passport and he is said to be deported. Updates as they come. Burning of markets and mysterious deaths This morning as I dropped from public transport, a woman told me to be careful, "your job" is among the to risk jobs in town. I looked at this ordinary woman and thanked her for her concern. An old classmate of mine from London, wrote that she was praying for me all the time. Suddenly you start thinking of death, threats or any type of attack. For sure if ordinary people start expressing fears, we are living in dangerous times. Yesterday, they buried a young man at HHI. At 25, Robert Chasowa had dreams and he had dreamnt of completing his five year journey. But he is now dead. How he died, is the question everyone is asking. His alleged suicide note, presented by the girlfreind, raises more questions than answers. I learnt about one thi

His Excellency Micheal Sata

Is officially the new President of Zambia. The 74 year old has tried his luck four times to claim Zambia's top job. He was once arrested and deported in Malawi after he allegedly came to meet Taiwanese Government officials. Malawi had switched relations from Taipei to Beijing. President Bingu wa Mutharika is attending the inuguration of Sata and is scheduled to depart Chileka International Airport anytime soon.

Zambian Elections Results

While it is illegal to broadcast the unofficial results by private owned Muvi and Mobi Television and The Post Newsapapers. It is not illegal for us to do the same. Here are the results officially declared at 6pm. Micheal Sata 994 090 - 44 % President Rupiah Banda 808 506 - 36% Hichilema 350 473 - 16% These are 116 of the 150 parliamentary constituencies, counted and verified. Next update in the next 20 minutes. Stay tuned

The power of the people

The Police went out, Patricia Kaliati shouted, but reality Malawians stayed home in large numbers. The victory for the day belonged once again to Malawians. The messages were conflicting, the injunctions removed and given all at the same speed. According to MBC Television Justice Joseph Mwanyunga granted another injunction to some concerned citizens. It is not still clear who these emerging concerned citizens are. Despite such information, Malawians today decided to stay at home, meaning the matters are now beyond Courts, Civil Society and even Government. The destiny of Malawians has been placed again as a collective decision of Malawians. There are lessons that can be learnt from the massive stay away by most of people. Simplistic thinking is that people were afraid of July 20. No Malawians decided to stay at home for many reason. 1. The Government should get right people for its propaganda, the message is not going through and perhaps it is time to change strategy. Threats, petrol b

Government calls for roll calls

Capital Hill and Parliament sources have reported to have been summoned for roll calls to see how many have not reported for duties. The majority of Public workers have stayed at home. At Parliament the roll call is happening now. Unconfirmed reports indicate that a Burundi national shop has beena attacked in Area 36. To be confirmed in the next one hour, stay tuned.

Bingu visiting Blantyre flea market

As the cities are empty, President Bingu wa Mutharika is scheduled to visit Blantyre Flea market that was burnt by Fire on Sunday. We are watching the developments after angry vendors had demanded answers and Government accused Civil Society and Opposition of burnign the market to win favours over the vigils that have started today. Stay tuned. He is estimated to arrive at 11 hours local time.

Lilongwe residents have mainly stayed at Home

Driving this morning to office, very few vehicles heading to all directions in Lilongwe. No visible heavy Police presence in most parts but vehicles have stayed out of roads. Banks have completely closed down for a day and most schools have asked kids to stay at home. The Civil Society seem to have gotten the first day early hours. How Police and Government react by the end of the day is what will determine the vigils at home. Hopefully no vigilantes will try to upset the morning peace. Its otherwise a Sunday morning in Malawi. Injunction update: Judge Ken Manda yesterday night refused to issue an injunction to IBAM on grounds that the same case, facts and matters were before th same court earlier on. The Vigils seem to have a legal backing. Updates to follow. In Zambia mainly urban areas PF Leader Micheal Sata has taken an early lead, but reality is that Zambia is very huge and until 80 percent is counted one cannot safely predict a winner.

Another Injunction?

Reports indicate the Indigenous Business Association of Malawi has obtained an injunction to stop vigils. Yet to be confirmed stay tuned.

Billy Mayaya- spokesperson for Vigils

Spokesperson for the Vigils slated to start tommorrow has just reported recieving orders to report to Central Region Police station. More details to follow soon. The PA systems encouraging people to go to work now reported to be in Zolozolo and other Mzuzu townships. Blantyre townships has reported many. Television Malawi continues to say vigils have been postponed.

Government sends public address systems asking people to go to work: Violence in Zambia

The Civl Society strategy to ask people to stay at home for the next three days in protest against socio-economic and political governance has caught the administration off guard. In a comical attempt after asking Malawians to stay off the streets to avoid bloodshed, Government has scrambled public address system vehicles in townships asking people to go to work tommorrow. The Public relations strategy by Government needs immediate review as they have banked on ranting officials without convincing the masses. In Zambia as voting comes to a close, sporadic violence was reported with President Rupiah Banda's posters torn and some few vehicles torched. Results to start flowing very soon stay in touch!

Vigils on- Civil society

Civil Society groups have asked all Malawians to stay at home for the next three days and hold home vigils within own communities as part of Plan B of the planned protests scheduled for today. CSO leaders who included Billy Mayaya, Peter Chinoko (both in their personal capacities), Dorothy Ngoma of National Organisation of Nurses of Midwives in Malawi (NONM), Martha Kwataine of Malawi Equity Health Network among other said that this has come becuase of the late responses from Police and City Councils.

Demonstrations injunction removed

The High Court in Blantyre has vacated the injunction stopping the holding of demonstations. Judge John Chirwa vacated the order after hearing on Saturday from Lawyers from Civil Society Ralph Kasambara and Wapona Kita. Lawyers for the concerned Citizens Christopher Chiphwanya and his colleague have filed for an immediate appeal. The political tensions continue to rise and we will continue to be updated.

Zambia Elections, Malawi demonstrations updates

The blog will start having update on General Elections in Zambia where the real contest is between INCUMBENT President Rupiah Bwezani Banda of Movement for Multiparty Democracy, seeking his second term and Micheal Sata a.k.a King Cobra of the Patriotic Front. Sata has lost the last two General elections which he claims to have been rigged. The election is interesting in the Southern Africa region as it is a step further on the consolidation of democracy in a region that has now total peace after the end of Mozambican and Angolan wars. It is also the hope of the continent in terms of economic growth. In Malawi, this morning, the Civil Society groups have been split over the holding of National wide protests now in a form of Candlelight vigils after some main groups pulled out of the events. The split has been emminent as most Malawians have been arguing for dialogue and any weakening of the Civil Society will see the masses left without any critical leadership. A dangerous trend of fi

Malawi Demonstrations; The case of September 21

Do Malawians really need to go into the streets again? The clock is ticking again and next Wednesday, the only new faces expected to wave off the anti-Government feelings are the new Ministers. We have seen the new Government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati, the new Second Vice President Yunus Mussa, the new Local Government Minister Henry Mussa and the new Labour Minister Lucious Kanyumba, saying well nothing new. The same is for the set of Kaliati, Zikhale Ng'oma and Dr. Ntaba which decided that attacking the media will dissuade Journalists from asking questions. For those that have time to go to my pre and post July 20 postings, will note one thing I have always said, Public Relations was the biggest weakness of this administration. The people in charge failed to reliase that antagonising the public is not the best approach to having them off the street, at the same time fighting the media should not be a strategy. Just like the Church, the media, even in Zimbabwe has prevailed an

Jumani Johanson's arrest

Lilongwe:The arrest of Jim Jumani Johansson the man who claims to be a son of Malawi's first President the Late Dr.Kamuzu Banda is not a suprise to many that have followed his recent postings on social media. Jumani faded out of news after the case of the Late Kamuzu's property was concluded and the multi-billion kwacha empire was transferred to National Bank of Malawi.Effectively both Mama C.T Kadzamira and the Family of the late Kamuzu led by Edwin Banda and Jane Dzanjalimodzi has very little control of the empire. Unfortunately for Jumani, the only fight left for him is just in a name and nothing else. Dr. Banda was very particular about his will and how it should be administered. The High Court ruling effctively returned the will's original state. Jumani fighting the Chiwengo family has not consequential value as the Court already ruled that he can use the name and the young Swedish man now, how to contend with being called Kamuzu Banda and nothing more. After a hyper s

The New Cabinet

President Bingu wa Mutharika yesterday fired 21 of his former 41 Cabinet Ministers in the largest shake up of Government that has seen Ministries trimmed from 21 to 17. There are now 17 Ministries after four were left out and the total number of Ministers including the President, First Lady and Vice President is at 32 down from 43, with 12 deputies which is down from 20. The departure of the 21 however saw lots of surprise return of former DPP strongmen Henry Mussa, Patricia Kaliati and Goodall Gondwe, a former deputy Minister Kingsely Namakhwa and seven new faces gracing the Cabinet for the first time. The new faces are deputy Ministers Kondwani Nankhumwa (Foreign Affairs) Vera Flamenga Cherewani (Natural Resources) Cornelius Mwalwanda (Finance) Reverend Christopher Ngwira (Lands) Ralph Jooma (Health) and Nasrin Pillane (Gender). Only Dr. Jean Kalirani is the new face with a full Cabinet portfolio as Minister of Health while Gondwe heads Natural Resources, Kaliati has returned to Inf

Barack Obama, Lady Gaga vesrsus Madonna, Muammar Ghadaffi and our own Bingu

Barack Obama today starts a journey of trying to convince American voters that he still has ideas to turn around the economy, a French Magazine reported yesterday that Pop Star Madonna dissed Lady Gaga for have an obsession over her looks. In North Africa surely Libya's strongman now a haunted man Muammar Ghadaffi is not sleeping, he is looking for a safe place to stay at every turn of a moment. In Malawi, some selected 32 people are starting a new journey- they have been appointed Cabinet Ministers and they are tasked with a job very few would accept, turn around an economy that is on its knees, while at the same time restore confidence in Government. Unfortunately this journey,just like Barack Obama's cannot be controlled by an individual but by many factors, including stern action by President Bingu wa Mutharika himself. The President needs to do more that shuffling people around. The change was the first element and now we need other areas that needs his urgent attention. P

The New Malawi Cabinet

We will list the casualties in due course: President. Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, Statutory Corporations, Civil Service and Civil Society: His Excellency PRESIDENT BINGU WA MUTHARIKA Safemotherhood Coordinator, Maternal and Child Health, HIV and Aids, Nutrition, Malaria and TB Coordinator H.E Callitsa Mutharika: The First Lady of the Republic Deputy Minister in the Office of the President and Cabinet: Mr. Nicholas Dausi Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika Deputy Minister: Mr. Kondwani Nankhumwa Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Affairs Mr. Goodall Gondwe Deputy Minister: Vera Flamenga Chelewani Minister of Education, Science and Technology Dr. George Chaponda Deputy Minister: (Basic Education) Wictor Songazaudzu Sajeni (Higher Education) Otiria Jere Minister of Finance; Dr. Ken Lipenga Deputy Minister: Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Professor Peter Mwanza D

Official Results by Electoral Commission: Rumphi Central Constituency

The Justice of Appeal, Anastazia Msosa - Chairperson of the Electoral Commission has declared the following as official results of the Rumphi Central Constituency bye-election held on 6th September, 2011: Alliance for Democracy: Enock Chakufwa Chihana- 6640 votes. Democratic Progressive Party: Norman Nyirenda- 3 275 Peoples Party: Chidumba Mkandawire 2 832 Peoples Development Movement: Peter Chihana 1578 Congratulations to Enock Chakufwa Chihana for victory. We now start updates on Cabinet, expected this afternoon or tommorrow afternoon. Any breaking news, keep checking this blog. Thank you for taking time to follow this real time on time updates on Malawi's current affairs. Kondwani Bell Munthali

The return of Chakufwa Chihana

Well we are now back to the new business of looking forward to the Cabinet, now that Enock Chakufwa Chihana has taken the Rumphi Central Seat. The final tallies from our correspondents who did a fabulous job timely results beating even radios and established media outlets. Very soon there will be profile of this son of Multiparty icon the late Chakufwa Chihana. The most interesting aspect is which direction will the new Chihana take. Will he rise and become his own man or will he be in he shadow of his political mentors who includes President Bakili Muluzi. He served a long time as Personal Assistant to Bakili Muluzi before joining AFORD after his fathers death where he rose to be the National Chairman. His election sends a strong message to new parties like Peoples Party and Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) to start really looking closely at why voters do not find them attractive. The loss for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) can act as a blessing in disguise, it could be a wake up