Lilongwe residents have mainly stayed at Home

Driving this morning to office, very few vehicles heading to all directions in Lilongwe. No visible heavy Police presence in most parts but vehicles have stayed out of roads. Banks have completely closed down for a day and most schools have asked kids to stay at home. The Civil Society seem to have gotten the first day early hours. How Police and Government react by the end of the day is what will determine the vigils at home. Hopefully no vigilantes will try to upset the morning peace. Its otherwise a Sunday morning in Malawi.

Injunction update: Judge Ken Manda yesterday night refused to issue an injunction to IBAM on grounds that the same case, facts and matters were before th same court earlier on. The Vigils seem to have a legal backing.

Updates to follow.

In Zambia mainly urban areas PF Leader Micheal Sata has taken an early lead, but reality is that Zambia is very huge and until 80 percent is counted one cannot safely predict a winner.


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