Peoples Party concedes defeat, DPP claims rigging

The Rumphi Central Constituency has reverted to the Alliance for Democracy following a truimphh of the son of the party's founding President Chakukufwa Chihana-Enock.

Enock Chihana a businessman who lost in 2009 to Late Professor Moses Chirambo was declared winner at 11pm Malawian times by Peoples Party Director of Elections Reverend Emmanuel Chinkwita Phiri.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party Campaign however has dismissed the win as fake accusing Chihana of rigging and saying Electoral Commission boss Justice Anastazia Msosa also contributed to the loss.

Aford Vice President Tennson Chinkhokwe Banda said the win is evidence of the rebirth of Aford which many had written off after it lost over 32 seats in previous two elections.

Final results will be posted soon as we consolidate the new figures that are higher than what I tallied in polling centres.


Thats the sign! DPP sucks.
A good job well done Kondwani, all the best and please take are a true a professional

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