The return of Chakufwa Chihana

Well we are now back to the new business of looking forward to the Cabinet, now that Enock Chakufwa Chihana has taken the Rumphi Central Seat. The final tallies from our correspondents who did a fabulous job timely results beating even radios and established media outlets. Very soon there will be profile of this son of Multiparty icon the late Chakufwa Chihana.
The most interesting aspect is which direction will the new Chihana take. Will he rise and become his own man or will he be in he shadow of his political mentors who includes President Bakili Muluzi.
He served a long time as Personal Assistant to Bakili Muluzi before joining AFORD after his fathers death where he rose to be the National Chairman. His election sends a strong message to new parties like Peoples Party and Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) to start really looking closely at why voters do not find them attractive.
The loss for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) can act as a blessing in disguise, it could be a wake up call and find out why a constituency they won massively could turn around like that in short two years.
What ever caused the DPP loss happened in the last two years, the same can be reversed and worsened in the next two years. The party needs and honest assessment of its chances at national level.
Unofortunately this re-birth of Aford in the North will reasonate even in the current National Assembly corridors, where some MPs will start thinking seriously about their future, especially the young ones.
They want to return and the North contributes at least 31 seats to the DPP's majority and any major change could robe the party the two thirds majority it needs to pass constitutional amendments.
Finally, the language that anybody uses from now, should be checked very closely if any party is to retain power. Do not assume that voters are stupid, just like 70 percent of the parliamentarians lost their seats because they thought they knew better than the people.
The same happened to Aford, MCP and UDF. This is a wake up call, that even Chakufwa Chihana can still dictate things from the grave. Enock, rode on his fathers name!


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