Atupele Muluzi declares Presidential ambitions

The race is on, the candidates are slowly coming into shape. Now the most anticipated announcement is over, Machinga North East MP Autsin Atupele Muluzi will be running for presidency in 2014. The young man, declared as natural leader for the young generation has made the declaration this morning in Blantyre. Before we develop a full analysis of what needs to be done. He is a sample of a 2014 Ballot paper as it stands today:

Candidate Party

Peter Mutharika Aurther Democratic Progressive Party
Joyce Banda Peoples Party
Atupele Austin Muluzi Youth Agenda for Change Coalition (Breaaways of UDF,
MCP, DPP and Aford)
Fahad Assani/ Friday Jumbe/ Dr. Cassim Chilumpha- United Democratic Front
John Z. U Tembo Malawi Congress Party
Unkown New Congress Party
Uladi Mussa Maravi Peoples Party

The landscape is now developing, the major players are out, prepare yourself for a massive campaign not equalled to any before. There will be the Youth, Women and experience agenda and calls. Who emerges as a winner? Read the next analysis here soon.


Jamec09 said…
Atupele will win massively nothing else here

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