Jumani deported

Immigration officials have taken Jim Jumani Johannson, the man who claimed to have been Kamuzu Banda's son to the Kamuzu International Airport for deportation. Immigration officials told me just a few minutes ago that Jumani has already left the airport through Ethiopian Airlines. Jumani will now have to face his mother and many he said were bad to him. Fare thee well the young "Kamuzu'


noelchinyama said…
Kondwani, I have extremely admired ur page!

But I dont understand why this grown up 'young man' called Jumani was silent all along, to come and claim that he is the son of Kamuzu at the age of 37? U know what brother! Most Malawians are tired of being accepting the foreigners to be called Malawians and later to rule us/them!!! Some say he is the son of Mama Cecilia Kadzamira, why is she so quiet? Why cant you journalists squeeze her to say the truth about him? Really am tired with young man!!! Gvt has done a gud job he has to start aflesh!!! mx!!!
Erik said…
I am a journalist working for the Swedish reportage magazine Filter. I would like to get in contact with you, to ask you some questions about this story. Where can I mail or telephone you?
Best regards,
Erik Eje Almqvist

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