Zambia Elections, Malawi demonstrations updates

The blog will start having update on General Elections in Zambia where the real contest is between INCUMBENT President Rupiah Bwezani Banda of Movement for Multiparty Democracy, seeking his second term and Micheal Sata a.k.a King Cobra of the Patriotic Front. Sata has lost the last two General elections which he claims to have been rigged. The election is interesting in the Southern Africa region as it is a step further on the consolidation of democracy in a region that has now total peace after the end of Mozambican and Angolan wars. It is also the hope of the continent in terms of economic growth.

In Malawi, this morning, the Civil Society groups have been split over the holding of National wide protests now in a form of Candlelight vigils after some main groups pulled out of the events. The split has been emminent as most Malawians have been arguing for dialogue and any weakening of the Civil Society will see the masses left without any critical leadership. A dangerous trend of fires gutting markets could inflame the tensions, though most people seem not to want to go again into the streets after 20 people died on July 20.

The updates in real time will include analysis, conduct and breaking news for the next 48-hours on what is going on in the two neighbours who share a large common boundary, language, currency name and cultural traditions.

After the first update, the next will be hourly until results start flowing in Zambia which will improve to updates to as available.


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