Jumani Johanson's arrest

Lilongwe:The arrest of Jim Jumani Johansson the man who claims to be a son of Malawi's first President the Late Dr.Kamuzu Banda is not a suprise to many that have followed his recent postings on social media. Jumani faded out of news after the case of the Late Kamuzu's property was concluded and the multi-billion kwacha empire was transferred to National Bank of Malawi.Effectively both Mama C.T Kadzamira and the Family of the late Kamuzu led by Edwin Banda and Jane Dzanjalimodzi has very little control of the empire. Unfortunately for Jumani, the only fight left for him is just in a name and nothing else. Dr. Banda was very particular about his will and how it should be administered. The High Court ruling effctively returned the will's original state.
Jumani fighting the Chiwengo family has not consequential value as the Court already ruled that he can use the name and the young Swedish man now, how to contend with being called Kamuzu Banda and nothing more.
After a hyper start to stardom, Jumani can only now attract a stare but not the mobs of people that wanted to greet him at the start of a circus. in other words, just like our Big Brother House stars, Jesus Matiki and many before him, he is no longer the main item on the agenda.
The political climate, Callitsa Mutharika and things like Vigils and demonstrations have dominated the news landscape.
At his age, 38, Jumani needs to move on than hanging to the legend of Kamuzu Banda. Let him start life afresh, he has made his claim and he can choose a career he wants. In this world after 21 years of age, one is considered an aldult, you are not even allowed to call yourself as an orphan.
If Jumani wants to join politics, let him do so without insulting others. His Facebook attacks of the President border on some desparate attempt to gain publicity, which I am sure is the main drive of what happened in Area 47 near one of Bingu's houses.
Unofrtunately everyone who has tried to help Jumani has ended up with an egg on their face. Some Lawyer who helped him to be known was told he was after his money, I am sorry to say those that have been closer to this man will never tell you of him paying for anything.
A journalist was accused of hacking into his Facebook account, my foot why hack an account of a fading news source instead of Peter Mutharika or Joyce Banda.
The other girl wanted his baby, an MBC boss wanted his DNA thats why he booked him a room, another group of innocent white USAID workers were accused of being spies following him.
The paronia has been great for long, its high time we stopped this type of thinking, that you can come to Malawi and fool everybody.
People of Central Area have a story, there are hundreds of emails of many people that have had heir images tarnished by many allegations that one has made. But the real story will be published here on this blog in the next few weeks.
That will be the story of the real Jim Jumani Johansson, a man who said once he looked like Masauko Chipembere, later Kamuzu Banda, believe it or not he also suspects that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second is his mother, because some Malawian gossip allege that Dr. Banda used to the date the Queen.
Jumani should stand up and work like any other Malawian or Swede and make a life, than trying to gain publicity from a dead man.


Ponje said…
Big up kondwani. i have been following Juman on FB and all i have seen is that the guy has been desperately seeking a way of being in the spotlight. the logic behind his fb postings was more twisted than what we would expect from him...in fact, i saw his arrest coming, for the guy thought the world's attention is on him, and that he can't be arrested because the police would be afraid of tarnishing government's image. well, i have never been a fan of bingu, but if Juman indeed insulted him using the words that are in the media, then i am afraid he committed an offense
insightful. keep them posts coming
They should lock lock him up. I am tired of his no sense. If he cannot get what he wanted from the fortunes of a dead man, let him go back to where he came from. We do not need unnecessary tension in this country. We have had enough!

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