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Flames woyeee!!!!!!!!

After so many dissapointing turns, Malawi Nation Football Team today begins the journey to qualfies for the African Cup of Nations and World Cupn 2010. I am sure everybody knows what is at stake if we fail to go to South Africa in 2010 with our football team. Playing Djibout in the opening should give us a lot of confidence that we can do better and better to be in Angola and South Africa. The millions in Malawi, and more in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa who are from Malawi would want this afternoon to ease the hopelessness that has engufled the football system in the country. I have watched two super league games this season, I could not pick up any player except Thoko Kachiwala (Admarc) Atusaye Nyondo and Davie Moyo (Silver) and Davis Mlozi (Bullets) as the only ones who are willing to play to produce. I stopped watching the national team years ago, when selection was no longer on merit but names. I hope Kinnah Phiri will remove that attitude and inspire my team and my countr

Late Madame Ethel Mutharika, a year on

I was somewhere in Niagara when a dark cloud fell over the country. A year later, we still remember the humble lady that occupied the seat of the country's- third First Lady after Anne and Shanil Muluzi. Today so much has changed and I can ably say, My President is missing some control the First Lady excercised on him. I have not been privilaged to be a master of ceremonies again for a presidential function since returning from abroad to see what decision he would make on on young girls dancing or youth doing something nasty. This is where my Grandmother would openly shake her head and tell me to cut off the dance. Over 30 years together, one is bound to cry with Dr. Mutharika for his loss, but as one of the daughters told that Youthful crowd in Limbe on May 3, she did not want to be mourned for ever but celebrate her life with good deeds. I repeat, she did more than many will acknowledge, but more importantly she never sought publicity for it. I have covered First Ladies in differ

Nurses, MBC, Xenophobia & Zimbabwe

I am chairing-of course another Network of Journalists developing a media strategy for National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives. It is a great group, of young and vibrant Journalists eager to bring to the attention of the world the plight of Malawian nurses. Just a preview of what is on the ground, one nurse handles one hundred patients. Some fresh graduates are left with a ward of 80 babies or maternity cases, while junior technicians can man a whole clinic as a pharmacist, doctor or anything you need from a hospital. Take home pay is about US100 a month and thats what our Parliamentarians take home everyday after calling each other 'prostitutes, barren, thieves or whatever they can cook up that day. I dedicate this day to the plight of a Malawian nurse who risk infections on daily basis from Hepatitis B to anything else you can get in hospital wards. Of course with the Budget coming this Friday, Khumbo Kachali a well meaning Minister has a heavy load to convince some of us wh

Psalms-6 verses 9 to 10

I am coming from the High Court of Malawi covering another Treason case. On Sunday, May 18, 2008 Malawi will be hosting the International Candlelight Memorial day, the first outside United States of America. I am supposed to be busy with that not attending to Treason cases which someone is busy conconting somewhere else. I would have been easily convinced if I did not know most of the people on the list. I mean the set up looks much of a comedy and I am sure conconted in a hurry. Lets wait and see how a convincing case can be built from unsigned documents, funny minutes and even dates which are 6th June 2008 on which the people attended a meeting to plot the "kupu" At the court, we had a "frank sex talk" where female and male Journalists discussed what would obtaining in a relationship, liking discussing sex so that everyone is satisfied after sex on positions and the like. We discussed this as one of the best ways of combating cheating in marraiges and thereby redu

Cry the beloved country

I am one of the believers in Bingu wa Mutharika's vision.I have an orignal copy of his speech on his inuaguration. I loved more the part of National Youth Development Service- I continously reminded him of it until someone thought I should be a director at the Youth Council. Unfortunately someone removed me verbally before I completed my term of office because I was going on a study leave. I am glad I was out in time before they showed their true colours. They squandered the funding from National Aids Commission. Thank God, the man-charge- is now the Senior official in the Ministry of Youth, courtesy of our foresightdness. I was removed from Namisa because I want to run for Chairmanship and anything else anyone will convince me that is a good reason that I could be removed. On Thursday, 9th May 2009, I made news myself after Information Minister Patricia Kaliati went to town over what someone attributed to me in a parliamentary press gallerly. The Minister of Information actually s

Fired from Namisa membership

I am told I am no longer a paid up Namisa member for not paying up in time. Though controversial as it sounds, I know my only crime is that I am standing as a Chairman for the organisation come next elections. Full details to come.