Psalms-6 verses 9 to 10

I am coming from the High Court of Malawi covering another Treason case. On Sunday, May 18, 2008 Malawi will be hosting the International Candlelight Memorial day, the first outside United States of America. I am supposed to be busy with that not attending to Treason cases which someone is busy conconting somewhere else. I would have been easily convinced if I did not know most of the people on the list. I mean the set up looks much of a comedy and I am sure conconted in a hurry. Lets wait and see how a convincing case can be built from unsigned documents, funny minutes and even dates which are 6th June 2008 on which the people attended a meeting to plot the "kupu"
At the court, we had a "frank sex talk" where female and male Journalists discussed what would obtaining in a relationship, liking discussing sex so that everyone is satisfied after sex on positions and the like. We discussed this as one of the best ways of combating cheating in marraiges and thereby reducing cases of multiple partners in a family resulting in less Aids cases.
From sex, we discussed Tobacco farmers, who had been robbed K1.2million in Area 18 forest, we all wondered why despite having bank accounts they still opt to move with 8,000 US dollars in cash.
But when we returned to Treason case, there was a consesus that this one had lost its steam before it started. I mean who does not know that Aironi is not a politician and Chikakwiya is dramatists and that he had announced his retirement from politics.
Actually, one the military guru's is my close relation and he does not drink beer, he had to be introduced to some people he supposedly he was plotting with. I laughed.
The trial aside, this is a third murder plot on the President's life the other one involved stones and panga knives- I was given the whole plot by someone senior and I did not believe it until I heard it at a press breifing.
One person involved actually is so humble that when he was a minister he used to drive his driver home- it was one of the most fascinating scenarios.
The second case is in court and the only success it brought was to demean the position of the Vice President and nothing has been proven in court.
Then this one, I mean Malawians are mature people and they know how to judge in these cases.
My only worry is to who is a strategist in my Government and political authority.
I mean, If Bingu had called for Parliament and cancelled it after the opposition boycotted it, he would have a huge sympathy from everyone after getting accused that he was not calling for Parliament.
He would have happily flown all over to implement his projects and forget the headaches as all Malawians would have been with their President that he means well.
Come the budget, the Justice Minister could have used the doctrine of necessity if the opposition stayed away and we could have all supported him. What a missed an opportunity.
Then come this plot, from people who have worked with the UDF, two people are missing on the list that would have conviced some of us that this is not a cooked up story. These two are very prominent and everyone knows are behind the UDF thinking machinery. I find the plot very much misplaced.
Finally, when you are moving towards an election you need more people on your side and mostly you need leaders. You dont keep arresting people when you do not have proper structures.
There is a party in this country that has no strategist, then I can easily offer my free services to them if they can listen, because someone is being sold a raw deal.
The public mood was just favourable 12 months ago, with food shortage looming and an election coming, there is need for good strategists to bloster image of the candidate.
Arrests in poor society always make the arrested gain sympathy from the poor and weak- After all Government is strong on its own.
As I was chatting with one of the affected families- I was touched by their strength and belief in the innocence of their father. Two sons and two daughters actually have left their jobs to be with their mother. But they told me to go and pray for Malawi to remain at peace. To pray for the President to make right decisions for the country and guide it properly as we go towards the elections.
They also asked me to ask all Malawians to read Psalms 6 verses 9 to 10


Boni Dulani said…
agreed Kondwani. we have been leading in being a country of injunctions. it now appears we are also in front in as far as treason cases are concerned. what next?
RME said…
A made-up murder plot: an attempt at fear-mongering to gain votes, perhaps. An attempt to induce a situation where a state of emergency can be declared, perhaps. An attempt to get rid of upstanding leaders, perhaps. An attempt to divert attention from pressing issues, perhaps.

What will it be next?

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