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Can Bingu win 2009? Aleke Banda and other parties

I call both President Bingu wa Mutharika and Aleke Banda my grandfathers. None of them would certainly remember how much they have conrtibuted to a youth programme I set up under the banner Malawi National Youth Dialogue around 2002 to 2004. Bingu was nominated as one of the programme advisors and we spoke breifly at Mount Soche over the proposal. He was a busy Deputy Central Governor then. AKB, as he is fondly called he granted me an audience for almost 30 minutes, listened to the proposal which he was supposed to co-Chair at the National advisory level. He made a cash donation and the funds were used to support young peole that had travelled to Zimbabwe for a SADC youth programme. I was quite shocked on return from the Zimbabwe elections that Bingu in his wisdom had decided to drag AKB into the political mess of the Malawi Congress Party regime, including the human rights abuses that occured then. I am sure most people actually expressed "shock and disbelief" about the atta

New names in Zimbabwe

You know the story........................names of babies born in local clinics and hospitals after the harmonised elections Runoff Moyo Senetorial Chirumhanzu Candidate Pote Independant Maposa Rigging Hamadziripi Electoral Commission Ndlovu Foreign Observer Chimunda Neck Toneck Nyamadzawo Sadhaki Sibanda Heavy Weight Utaunashe Fiftythree Percentage Ndlondlo Released Results Matongo meticulous verification chinengundu free andfair Pazvakawambwa Rerun Mombeshora Rural Stronghold Khaliyathi constituency Madison Polling Station Nhamoinesu Ballotbox & Ballotpaper Kunonga (Twins)

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and the fall of Zanu PF

I am reading a book given by Madaraka Nyerere, son of the great pan-Africanists Mwalimu Julius who is an author of the book. On the second or third page, Mwalimu gives his opinion on dictators-that if at all they have consitutions they do disregard it with impunity. I will do a review of the book later and how it applies to our own dictators and pretenders of democracy. There is one at home who disregards the constitution with impunity, attacks the judiciary at freewill and he thinks he is a saviour-I will discuss him in detail later. Of course Mwalimu makes it clear that the first and most important duty of all Presidents, Vice Presidents, Ministers and Members of Parliament is stipulated when they take aoth-to uphold and defend the constitution of the land. I was lost in Mwalimu's words specifically making reference to Tanzania but very relevant to Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa. Uganda too can benefit from the book. I have contacts for Madarak who can happily

Zim update

MDC 62 Zanu PF 63 MDC mutambara 5 There was a repetition which gave Zanu PF 64 as international press reports. Likely Presidential run off between Tsvangirai and Mugabe