Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and the fall of Zanu PF

I am reading a book given by Madaraka Nyerere, son of the great pan-Africanists Mwalimu Julius who is an author of the book. On the second or third page, Mwalimu gives his opinion on dictators-that if at all they have consitutions they do disregard it with impunity. I will do a review of the book later and how it applies to our own dictators and pretenders of democracy. There is one at home who disregards the constitution with impunity, attacks the judiciary at freewill and he thinks he is a saviour-I will discuss him in detail later. Of course Mwalimu makes it clear that the first and most important duty of all Presidents, Vice Presidents, Ministers and Members of Parliament is stipulated when they take aoth-to uphold and defend the constitution of the land.

I was lost in Mwalimu's words specifically making reference to Tanzania but very relevant to Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa. Uganda too can benefit from the book. I have contacts for Madarak who can happily supply this important lesson or check the African Publishing Group for this imporntant lesson.

The picture I have used with this one is of sunset, ironically taken by Madaraka as we drove out of Bundira, 80 kilometres from Harare on March 29 when Zimbabweans made a decision that living in denial, liberation dream and isolation was no longer an option.

I had attended President Robert Mugabe's rallies in Bulawayo seven days earlier where he repeated his famous saying which Martin Luther King, my anonymous freind on Nyasanet idolises, 'You can keep your Britain, I will keep my Zimbabwe."

Writing in All I can say in 2006, one of Malawi's finest Journalists Jika Nkolokosa described Zimbabwe as 'Frpm bead basket to a basket case."

Joyce Mukumbi, a 76 year-old woman who has voted in every election since 1980, moved Journalists at Mhofu primary in Highfield where President Robert Mugabe voted, that despite her walking difficulties, she found it appropriately to come and vote for change.

Zimbabweans christened Malawians as "MaBlantyre" and always laughed when my compatriots had eggs for lunch or supper, they were used to full english breakfast. After a flawed ladn reformed policy and economic mess which mainly sterm from the country's participaion in the DRC war where foreign reserves were depleted, Zimbabwe never recovered.

The emergence of the MDC was merely a reaction to signs of the times. Today, Zimbabwe has surpessed Mobut Seseko regime who brought in the world's largest note of 500,000 franc note. Zimbabwe has 10 million note.

But on March 29, voters spoke against Mugabe and how they feel about the current situation. Mugabe has blamed the same British he has told to keep their Britain, he continues to talk of success in farms when he buys 400-thousand tonnes of maize from Malawi and 150-thousand from Zambia-the countries that used to buy eggs, oranges, apples and even diary products from Zimbabwe.

At the sunset, the first set of results indicate that Zanu PF has been dislosged from Parliament with oppositon getting 109 seats while Mugabe's party got 97 and Jonathan Moyo the only independent winner got 1.

What does this mean to African leaders, most of whom no longer follow their constitution after attaining power, most of them amend constitutions after attaining power and most of them failt o read the signs of the times that the end is nigh and go ahead and contest the elections.

Power corrupts, and it corrupts obsolutely, Lord Acton discoverd that logn time ago. The sunset fo Zanu PF after 28 years can provide lessions to some despots across Africa.

Viva the power and voice of the people at all times-they people's will and voice prevails-as it is the voice and will of God.


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