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Some political musings: If Bingu resigned today

One thing about Malawi is that you never get bored of what is going to happen next. Already there is a talk of an impending Cabinet RESHUFFLE. I would not render credence to such rumours. Others have been questioning the appointment of the Head of the National Intelligence Service. Someone asked me my opinion, I said he has just been made the most powerful politician in the land. He, by this week now knows everything about his political rivals, in and outside the Democratic Progressive Party. Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin was the head of KGB and he used it to rise to power, the same with South African President Jacob Zuma when he was in exile with the ANC. So Bintony today holds the fate of many politicians especially those that used to step on his toes, otherwise the general public has nothing to worry, it will mainly be an internal fight in the ruling party. But I was reading one of the many articles that justify the call for President Bingu wa Mutharika to either quit or c

Russia and China's human face

There is no doubt that President Assad of Syria is butchering up his own people. There is a lot one can say about the situation, the same almost related to Saleh in Yemen- thank God he has left and of course to other global hotspots such as Iran, Democratic Republic of Korea and very fast going the same way Venenzuela. Of course there is Burma or Mmymar if you like it. Interestingly however there is very little doubt that almost all of the global crisis spots, the despots like Assad or Kim's empire in DRPK are being propped up by two global super powers- Russia and China. These two countries have become so obvlious to the fact that human life and suffering is so greater in the country's they are supporting its dictator to kill or torture own people. It is disgusting that almost a year on, China and Russia are blocking concrete efforts at the United Nations Security Council to bring in order in Syria, just as they are happy to reap off oil from Iran in exchange for weapons which

Chanthunya update

There are many reports alleging that he has escaped lawful custody. These are merely rumours but as of 4pm Malawian time he was still at Rusternburg Police. This blog will updatebyou accordingly should there be any developments.

Special announcement

International Police in South Africa this morning arrested Misonzi Chanthunya, the fugitive suspected to have killed his girlfreind Linda Gasa. Full details buy the Nation tommorrow. You first heard it on this blog. Keep checking for more updates.

Breaking News at 7pm: special announcement only here

Getting reports of a case that has been finally completed. Confirmation and full details here before 7pm Malawian time. Keep checking.

Zambia's currency realigned and one minute noise

Zambian Government announced yesterday that it is knocking off three zeros from its currency. This effectively means that their currency already really strong in comparison to Kwacha has become one of such in real terms in the region. Mozambique did that a few years ago. Malawian kwacha K1000 which was at K26000 or thereabout is not wort K26 as of yesterday. Very interesting development. I am holed up in the Northern part of Malawi in Chikangawa forest where there is very little access to communication. Is anybody aware what is happening after all the noise people made after women were stripped? It was one minute noise as I predicted and everyone has gone back to work until vendors do something nasty again!

Caution: Blantyre, Lilongwe reports of heavy rains

A record rainfall of close to three hours is being reported in Malawi's key cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe. The rains which started on Wednesday night has been going on through out the night and currently fears are growing of flooding rivers and poor stuctures in various areas. Meteological services long seen as very inefficient did not give a prior warning, though reports are yet to emerge of any damages especially in slums where the majority of city dwellers live in the country. Most people use mud built houses and toilets though progress has been reported in most areas of cement enforced walls over the years. The Heavy rains also raise fears of cholera after City Councils have been failing to collect refuse across the country due to the biting fuel shortage. So far Cholera has been reported in two districts. Updates on the rains to follow.....

Stop the blame game, act now

One thing I said after July 20 is that our politicians went to their usual bickering. And today its sad that amid attacks of women and attempts to attack more women in the cities of Blantyre and Mzuzu, Civil Sociaety and Government officials have found a heart to fight each other. On Tuesday night, I heard more of attacks on President Bingu wa Mutharika from Civil Society leaders than what they would do to stop such barbaric attacks on innocent women. I spoke only to two other people Vice President Joyce Banda and Gender Minister Reene Kachere, they are only two people who did not blame anyone but tried to offer solutions. Vice President Banda called for serious reflection and an indaba to find out the deep cause of the attacks and frustrations while at the same time said people should offer help to all women that had been attacked. Minister Kachere called on security forces to act immediately and save our women. But the rest of speakers have been busy blaming each other

Ngwenya riots update

Primary schools students at Ngwenya are staging sporadic demonstrations against the Government after Teachers shunned them out of classroom claiming they do not get hardship allowances. The children some as young as 6 have caused havoc as they have been approaching different places such as Area 24 Chipiku shop and being dispersed for the past two hours. Though calm has returned tensions remain high

Joyce Banda, Reene Kachere, Dorothy Ngoma, Martha Kwataine and men speak out of disgust over attacks

Three more attacks have been reported this evening with Area 18, Area 23 and Kanengo joining the list of molestation of women that started in the morning. This evening we have also seen a chorus of voice condeming the attacks with Vice President Joyce Banda asking all women to unite and speak out against injustice. "Women give life and that should be respected at all times" said Banda at her residence in Area 12 as soon as she arrived from Blantyre. Banda who looked very shocked asked the press to give her a reason why young men would go wild and attack their own mothers, sisters and aunts and more importantly their customers. Dorothy Ngoma the Executive Director of Nurses Organisation of Midwives and Nurses in Malawi has threatened to ask all female nurses to stop attending all middle aged men if attacks continues. She says Nurses wear trousers as part of their easy operations and attacks were a threat to all Nurses. Executive Director of Malawi Health Equity Network Martha

Boycott vendors

Human Rights and Gender activists have announced this evening that all Malawians should boycott products and wares being sold by vendors across the country as a protest to attacks against women wearing trousers. This is the first time Malawians will be tested against fellow Malawians that the campaign should fail especially women who are the largest buyers. The campaign targets male vendors after six women were attacked in Lilongwe. This blog endorses the campaign until the vendors association apologises to women and all Malawians.

The dehumanising attacks of Women in Lilongwe

There is no excuse that any Malawians can give about this morning's attack over women in Lilongwe. They are a shame to us as a country, a shame to our democracy and a shame to our cultural values that puts special respect and status on women as anakubala. Why should we see our sisters naked or mothers naked. The challenge we have as a society is accepting that we all have equal rights and nobody can take them away. We have shed blood for it, we have been beaten, injured and lived for it for 17 years. Someone, somewhere needs to find a long term solution to the issue of vendors, when they are not in the streets the hooligans do not feel better as they end up loosing their market. I should not fear walking in my own streets which for years I have called home, neither should my sister or Mother fear dressing how they like for fear of the same. Either we lack a serious youth development programme, that will engage the jobless young people now becoming terrorists in our own country

Lilongwe vendors and women politician

Vendors this morning ripped off clothes from almost 11 women, allegedly ordered by some politicians to enforce Malawian culture. the disgusting habit spread and shop owners anticipating trouble have closed their shops. The question is where are the female leaders of Malawi to pick up the challenge and engage the vendors instead of shouting in the media. Please informe First Lady Madame Callitsa Mutharika, Vice President Joyce Banda, Government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati, Gender Minister Reen Kachere, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Juliana Mphande, Deputy Governor of the Bank Mary Nkosi and even Police Commissioner Doreen Kapanga and Gendera activists Dorothy Ngoma, Martha Kwataine, Emma Kaliya and others to get into Lilongwe Old town now and speak to these vendors. The job should be done in the streets and not on radios

Some unreported issues Honourable Kaliati may wish to know

Well it was a great week, that is rich in news. We had a joker thrown by Henry Duncan Phoya who only a fool would wish to believe that the smart lawyer and a politician we call HDP will not be on a presidential ballot in 2014. We had Akweni, my great amuser kneeling down and believing still that I write for Nyasatimes. But I like her honesty and straight forward. Mai Kaliati will always call or tell you her piece of mind, thats where she earns my respect. She is not a political gossiper who create things that do not exists. She is a very realistic person. If you ask her a question expect an answer, but if she knows that you know, she will be the one asking you questions. Then we had the UDF continuing its comedy, as Raphael Tenthani ably put it, trying to outdo each other in writing a political comic that nobody knows the end. My projection is that if a solution cannot be found this year, UDF will be in court until 2014 and very likely it will not have a candidate. Unfortunately someon

Phoya and a few more suprise

Well by now people are having their second guess on what has made Lawyer Henry Duncan Phoya join the Malawi Congress Party. Definately he is not there to be an ordinary member, he passed that stage long time ago. The only truth he spoke at todays press conference was that he would remain in MCP. For starters his joining MCP has boosted the attention that the party requires, but his speaking of experience of the party and its leaders could prove fatal especially in the hands of the former President Bakili Muluzi and his team. Phoya represents the few surpises we predicted at the start of the year, but he has come out soon to gauge the response. For the MCP the only benefit it could get over Phoya is to make him a Presidential candidate in 2014 and seek another fresh face to complete the rejunivated party. Otherwise making Phoya a running mate would not be an ideal situation as many has stopped regarding the position of Vice President as relevant. Other opposition parties especially

Phoya joining MCP

A press conference with John Tembo starting soon stay in touch

No deaths but injuries

Three people have been injured by stones that were being pelted during the riots involving vendors and Police over trading space.No deaths have been reported and no bullets were fired. The Malawi Defence Force moved in to remove a roadblock in the main Malangalanga trading centre and calm has returned to the City after almost two hours of riots. Bata Shop and a PTC shop have been looted. Shops remain closed. This is the final update unless something happens again this afternoon!

Malawi Defence Forces moves in

The defiance shown by vendors has seen Government seek the help of the Malawi Defence Force to move into the streets of the capital as tensions remain high. Vendors did not move an inch when Police arrived in their trading area opting to take stones and chase them. The huge crowd of vendors estimated around 2,000 has gathered along Malangalanga street and they are cheering the military truck that has made a round tour of the area. No bullets fired so far!

Riots in Lilongwe

Police have been fighting running battles with vendors in the Capital City's shopping districts with only four people reported injured by stones thrown by vendors. Police who are armed to teeth have been very calm despite insults and hurling of stones, very few tear gas canisters were thrown early in the morning. One Police woman was reported to have been attacked while glasses to several shops have been brocken by stones. Only one shop is reported to have been looted. The vendors were being chased by Lilongwe City Council Patrol vehicle and very few of them have moved with all shops closed and few minibuses plying from their main depot. Interesting some Malawian motorists continue using the road despite stone and roadblocks, seemingly unconcerned of the risk it poses to their vehicles. The chanting and singing continues..... update in next one hours as Bata and NBM are reporting now to have been stoned near the main M1 road.

The Queens Jubilee, Cuba,ANC @ 100 & what happens next

The second day of 2012 has been quite cold in Malawi Capital, but for sure two things are certain that the African National Congress, that party of Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govani Mbeki and Jacob Zuma will definately mark 100 years since its formation in a church in 1912. I am sure there are a couple of 100 year olds around the world who would want to share the experience. But after starting to a promising start, the South African dominant party has failed to uplift the standards of living for the many poor, average and rural black communities. Ironically, people like Julius Malema have decided to ride on the back of such poor people-especially the young ones and claim to be their saviour. He rides a range rover, lives in Sandton but wants to sound like an Alexander inhabitant. I have heard say it is his part that matters. I am sure the ruling Democratic Progressive Party will join the K2.5 billion (ZAR100million) lined up the whole year and for sure to be led by no othe

The short road to 2014

Happy New Year to all those who follow this blog. Thank you for being loyal followers in 2011 and many of those who simply wish I should just shut up. Malawi belongs everybody who was born in Malawi and those that adopted it as their home, nobody is above anybody-ricj or poor so if you do not like what others say, simply learn how to live with them. Unfortunately tolerance is what democracy demands. Many have wondered what 2012 will be like, to some of us it is a date change and very little will change unless we see serious character and attitude change from those with authority. When I say authority, I mean the President, His Cabinet, senior Government officials, Members of Parliament, Opposition Leaders, Religious Leaders and everybody including a village headman. 2011 our leaders in all categories have let down the ordinary Malawian who looks up at them for a sense of direction, unfortunately reason and direction seems to have disappeared and everybody is gearing for the next electi