Riots in Lilongwe

Police have been fighting running battles with vendors in the Capital City's shopping districts with only four people reported injured by stones thrown by vendors. Police who are armed to teeth have been very calm despite insults and hurling of stones, very few tear gas canisters were thrown early in the morning.
One Police woman was reported to have been attacked while glasses to several shops have been brocken by stones. Only one shop is reported to have been looted.
The vendors were being chased by Lilongwe City Council Patrol vehicle and very few of them have moved with all shops closed and few minibuses plying from their main depot.
Interesting some Malawian motorists continue using the road despite stone and roadblocks, seemingly unconcerned of the risk it poses to their vehicles.
The chanting and singing continues..... update in next one hours as Bata and NBM are reporting now to have been stoned near the main M1 road.


Chilungamo said…
Any deaths reported so far?

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