Russia and China's human face

There is no doubt that President Assad of Syria is butchering up his own people. There is a lot one can say about the situation, the same almost related to Saleh in Yemen- thank God he has left and of course to other global hotspots such as Iran, Democratic Republic of Korea and very fast going the same way Venenzuela. Of course there is Burma or Mmymar if you like it.
Interestingly however there is very little doubt that almost all of the global crisis spots, the despots like Assad or Kim's empire in DRPK are being propped up by two global super powers- Russia and China.
These two countries have become so obvlious to the fact that human life and suffering is so greater in the country's they are supporting its dictator to kill or torture own people.
It is disgusting that almost a year on, China and Russia are blocking concrete efforts at the United Nations Security Council to bring in order in Syria, just as they are happy to reap off oil from Iran in exchange for weapons which could end up devastating the whole world.
Imagining an a Nuclear armed Iran a country that has made it clear that it does not want another country-Israel to exist is not only frightening but also very dangerous in the course of global challenges which will soon culminate into strife as frustrated citizenry take up arms against most of the dictators.
I wish the two countries had a human face and morals enough to realise that Governments are supposed to have the mandate of the people and not force them into submission by military or torture as it is happening in so many countries.
Russia and China needs a new human face that inspires the next generation that they are capable leaders that mean well not to Governments but to the people of Syria, Iran and DR Korea.


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