The Queens Jubilee, Cuba,ANC @ 100 & what happens next

The second day of 2012 has been quite cold in Malawi Capital, but for sure two things are certain that the African National Congress, that party of Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govani Mbeki and Jacob Zuma will definately mark 100 years since its formation in a church in 1912. I am sure there are a couple of 100 year olds around the world who would want to share the experience.

But after starting to a promising start, the South African dominant party has failed to uplift the standards of living for the many poor, average and rural black communities.

Ironically, people like Julius Malema have decided to ride on the back of such poor people-especially the young ones and claim to be their saviour. He rides a range rover, lives in Sandton but wants to sound like an Alexander inhabitant. I have heard say it is his part that matters.

I am sure the ruling Democratic Progressive Party will join the K2.5 billion (ZAR100million) lined up the whole year and for sure to be led by no other than President Bingu wa Mutharika who loves ceremonies and historical symbols.

However to many still struggling, to young people forced into crime due to poverty and to those that have lost jobs, it will be another pain seeing how the elected easily forget their promises. K2.5 billion can make a difference. I cannot wait to see what will come out of the ANC bash.

In Cuba, they celebrated their anniversary this weekend and nothing has changed. We should continue asking Raul Castro to make a difference in the new generation that has a potential to make it in the medical, agriculture and scientific field. The youth of Camaguey, Cabo Delegado, Boyeros and Isle of Youth were an insipiration to many of us who have been to this Island.

Contrary the Queen of England will be commemorating her Diamong Jubilee in June, the programme looks simple but more appropriate to the British Monarch. If it were an African it would be a huge cost without regard to the needs of the people.

Let our celebrations, commemorations and egos take into account the majority poor who cannot afford food and basic medicines than merry making on skinny bones!


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