Phoya and a few more suprise

Well by now people are having their second guess on what has made Lawyer Henry Duncan Phoya join the Malawi Congress Party. Definately he is not there to be an ordinary member, he passed that stage long time ago. The only truth he spoke at todays press conference was that he would remain in MCP.

For starters his joining MCP has boosted the attention that the party requires, but his speaking of experience of the party and its leaders could prove fatal especially in the hands of the former President Bakili Muluzi and his team.

Phoya represents the few surpises we predicted at the start of the year, but he has come out soon to gauge the response.

For the MCP the only benefit it could get over Phoya is to make him a Presidential candidate in 2014 and seek another fresh face to complete the rejunivated party. Otherwise making Phoya a running mate would not be an ideal situation as many has stopped regarding the position of Vice President as relevant.

Other opposition parties especially candidates such as Joyce Banda and Atupele Muluzi, they need to restartegise quickly and absorb the shock of having Phoya as a competitor in the 2014 general elections.

The DPP's Peter Mutharika's luck is not dependent on any of the new developments as he will have the strong Government machinery and resource envelope but only on how the situation improves socially, economically and politically.

HDP as he is fondly called has just thrown the wake up call on the 2014 general elections, but the real suprise is yet to land this year, I am sure by end March, we will close the suprise chapter. Watch who will grace the newspapers next!


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