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Micheal Jacksons Doctors gets 4 years, Cancer and American Airlines

This month has been a bad month at least five young Malawians I knew to be talented departed from this world. Two of them completely shocking, one evening we were talking the other morning they were gone. I am scared of saying see you tommorrow on skype. But God should confort the families of Stain, Ken Siyabu, Uncle Inno Gandali, Darren Mwagomba and Wisdom Chitedze. Forever we pray for their mercies and abundant grace. Then this evening as I reflected on the many young lives lost, I watched the amazing end of Dr. Conrad Murrays trial on the involuntary manslaughter of Micheal Jackson. He got four years. Many people especially those in the middle and poor classes of society have used religion as a measure of morality, that even though historically some of the so called morals were practices by pagans, they have now not only become forceful but also laws and a measure of each man. Should a doctor, just like a Lawyer refuse the demands of his client when he is being paid to do so? At wha

Minister Aaron Sangala beaten by a Lady MP Anita Kalinde

Watch what you allege. Parliamentary immunity could not save Internal Security and National Defence Minister Aaron Sangala as Thyolo North MP Anita Kalinde descended on him during tea break after he alleged that her ex-husband was a serial murderer. Kalinde was at one time married to a Lilongwe businessman Marshal The Dukes but separated long time ago before he joined politics and died in 2003. Marshall was accused of shaddy deals but the former Policeman said he had gotten rich after supplying cement from Zambia to Malawi during cement crisis in Malawi. Sangala accused Kalinde of cohabiting with 'someone' during a period which Malawians were being attacked and had their private parts removed. Kalinde did not react during the debate on the Ministers statement but waited until the Speaker had adjourned the house for tea break. The unsuspecting Minister of National Defence could not defend himself as Kalinde attacked him and tore his shirt, prompting several DPP parliamentarians

The only thing Parliamentarians got right

Well thanks to technology, I am blogging right inside Parliament the privilage even MP's themselves, despite spending K67 million to purchase laptops do not still have or enjoy. Dont blame me blame their own ancient standing orders which prohibits the use of gadgets in the house. But sitting in Parliament has however become so boring, that you wonder why the tax payer is being asked to cough K3.1 million each day enough to buy medication for five health centres just to listen to the usual noise that has no bearing on todays challenges. Yes Ministers are providing answers, but they are the same answers they have given to the media for the past two years and it is very annoying to find a newly appointed Minister regurgitating the whole statment Ken Kandodo, Grain Malungu or who else was fired among the 21 disgraced Ministers, whose chop was tied to the same challenges. The Cabinet reshuffle to many Malawians was supposed to provide a fresh look to Government and how things are don

Musings from a fuel line

You dont know whether to accept the way things are or curse someone for failing to do their job. But the fact is I am blogging from a fuel line I have been since 10 am this morning. A cool eight hours spent on petty gossip, political musings, naked Police corruption when they allow others to jump the line. Now we have reached a point of accepting the fate our political gods have bestowed on us. You cannot laugh nor get angry. This is a new Malawi. I am tired of paying double the price to black market dealers. I have spent a fortune for trying not to be on the lines, which are now a norm for everyone with a vehicle. The pain is visible in everybodys eyes, people try to create funny tales like one of a Mozambican who was undressed by prostitutes in Luchenza last week. Others try to mock the country's political system. They are all part of time wasting that we are now thinking to be a great national past time. I count how many officers from Capital Hill are no longer productive as we

Israel to strike Iran soon

The threat by Israel to strike Iran is real. The man of God Prophet TB Joshua has just asked all Christians to pray. His first prophecy started 3 years. Pray for the whole World as the Israel prepare to attack Nuclear's settlements. Pray and fast that God should not allow attacks to happen. He said it is closer. This morning the Israel President confirmed of the plans to attack Iran which will mark the official start of the Third World war, as many Arabs will join and the United States is likely to protect Israel. The Ivory Coast still is facing crisis. We keep destroying the nature of God and it has affected the whole world.

Greece and Eurozone crisis, Muammar Ghadafi, Mugabe and Julius Malema

This week has been a very interesting week. In Thailand, the were battling floods after non stop rains. People moved into safety. Elsewhere in the East Coast of the United States it suddenly snowed heavily and the storms caused several states to declare State of Emergency. Contrast the two bad weathers in USA and Thailand to scorching heat Southern and Eastern Africa. In East Africa the drought is devastating and very few are paying attention. But if the occupy Wall Street was not dramatic enough, the World members of UNESCO, 107 Ccountries to be specific believed that Palestinians have a right to share the culture with anybody in the World. The United States, Canada and the Israel Government all woke up and put up measures either to punish UNESCO or Palestinians. This has been a week of shame to global values that Americans propagate through its Peace Corps programme. The issue of Israel and Palestinians will be solved on a negotiation table as some of us have argued over the years. N