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The United States of America, the beacon and defender of world democracy suddenly is a subject of ridicule in many platforms. Its core institutions and values are now undermined by tweets and outrageous attacks from highest offices of American power. Dictators elsewhere might be taking notes on how to attack a free press, how to undermine own Attorney General and out rightly how to interfere in judicial processes- all these are hallmarks of despots, not the mighty USA. But technology has narrowed the field. Even the poorest and most oppressed regimes have no access to the unfolding drama in the United States, where all media houses that do not “praise sing” now are branded fake news. Reporters are publicly humiliated. Unfortunately, it started with reporters- everyone, mostly apologists of the right-wing mentality clapped hands. Then came the attacks on Former FBI director, humiliated publicly, sort of intimidated about never existent tapes and his crime was not to stop an inve