Stop the blame game, act now

One thing I said after July 20 is that our politicians went to their usual bickering. And today its sad that amid attacks of women and attempts to attack more women in the cities of Blantyre and Mzuzu, Civil Sociaety and Government officials have found a heart to fight each other.

On Tuesday night, I heard more of attacks on President Bingu wa Mutharika from Civil Society leaders than what they would do to stop such barbaric attacks on innocent women.

I spoke only to two other people Vice President Joyce Banda and Gender Minister Reene Kachere, they are only two people who did not blame anyone but tried to offer solutions. Vice President Banda called for serious reflection and an indaba to find out the deep cause of the attacks and frustrations while at the same time said people should offer help to all women that had been attacked.

Minister Kachere called on security forces to act immediately and save our women.

But the rest of speakers have been busy blaming each other while the problem is growing. We had children demonstrating today and someone will blame some NGO or politician.

The problems that are causing these fustrations require that we act responsibly and not accelerate our vulgar language to inflame one section of society. Malawi is facing a huge crisis and even primary school kids are demonstrating, wake up and act if you want to be counted as a leader or keep shouting until you are dead!


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