Democracy boulevad

The struggle continues
From slavery
to Independence
The path of democracy
remain elusive

The rising sun gone
Hope shattered
A flag bringing heat
A nation mourns
where is our democracy

We sacrificed many of our great talents
Towards democratic path
Jehova,s witnesses, Chisiza,
Chipemberes, Orton Chirwa
But the boulevad remains hazy'

Why did the July 20-21 citzens had die?
In a professed democracy
Why should we live in fear
18 years after democratising
The path is full of bumps

The slave traders were Arabs
The Colonialists were white
The dictator was short
Niether a democrat nor dictator was full of humour'
The definition now eludes
How to define 'democracy boulevad'

I fear for my future
I queue for my basics
My income dwindles everyday
Yet I see, happy and fat rulers
This painful boulevad

Perhaps tommorrow reason will come'
Perhaps Parliament sanity will return
Perhaps the Courts will live up to their justice titles
Perhaps a revolution will come
But the struggle continues


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