Undule Mwakasungula appears before by the Commission

This morning the circus on July 20 demonstrations had opened after two senior Police officers testified on Monday afternoon. Evarson Saliwa, Lilongwe Police Officer in Charge was very candid and honest and refused to blame media or ascertain to a popular question from Apostle Timothy Khoviwa and James Namphambo.

He said the injunction was mostly to blame as it inflamed Malawians.

Namphambo this morning pulled a shocker "How many bonafide humans did you have?" Undule who looked very calm and composed had dismissed the notion of money being paid to demonstators and say he believes dialogue should not be open ended and not prolonging the suffering.

Undule has told the Commission that there was no intention for regime change that is why they presented the petition.

He said the people who obtained the last minute injunction wanted initially to hold counter demonstrations. He says the motive was clear.

He has blamed MBC for inflaming Malawians.

More coming...


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