Dear Leader Kim Jong IL and Gadafi, dictators dont live forever

Kim Jong IL, the reclusive Dear Leader of Democratic Republic of Korea is dead. The World is watching with full amusement on the process this nation is undergoing. They call themselves democratic, the ban free media but loves their own media. Thats the irony of a dictator. The public media often biased towards the ruling clique will play the game until the last end or the fall of a dictator.
I still recall the defiance of the Libyan State TV even when Gadaffi had run out of Tripoli. Syrias Assad is busy showing "the other side of the war" but in truth he has been sending hundreds of troops to kill innocent people demanding that they be governed on equal footing.
Unfortunately for dictators, their immediate families and cronies, the assume they have God given right to determine every persons fate.
General Noriega that awful dictator of Panama is in jail, I have forgoten what has happened to General Pinochet.
But Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghadafi and many others have left the world even in more disgraceful manner than the poor people they governed.
As North Korea mourns the dictator who believed he owned them, once again a free lesson to all global dictators- death brings justice to all men.
2011 is the year dictators would want to forget instead of changing themselves!


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