The Joyce Banda rumours

We are in the season of political rumours, that time when we go towards campaign and everybody knows something about someone. After checking in four court registries there is no famous warrant of arrest for Joyce Banda. Perhaps it will be applied soon but not yet.
Now there is another report which is suggesting that the Vice President returned hastily back to her hotel and she is seeking an asylum in Zambia, as of now, nobody knows where this is coming from but it is a rumour.
Currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs is in Geneva, presenting Malawi's side on human rights, the Civil Society had theirs on Tuesday which essentially claimed Government is killing people.
The President Bingu wa Mutharika is on his way to Commonwealth.
Such rumours only serve one purpose: damage someones reputation more.
After Robert Chasowa's saga where almost everybody was implicated, from Police to Civil Society and some politicians, we need to sit down and reflect what exactly we want to achieve as a nation.
Do we still want to fight, do we still want to be on fuel lines.
I for one I am very tired, I hope many Malawians are tired of the more of the same type of things.
Joyce Banda should come home, lets not create a panic where there is none.


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