Chancol to open soon

President Bingu wa Mutharika has through a statement by Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) said he was guaranteeing academic freedom within the conditions of service and ordering that the four lecturers that were dismissed as part of the wrangle be reinstated without preconditions.

“The four lecturers should be reinstated without any conditions. The President is gravely concerned with the indefinite closure of 8 months. He strongly feels that the right to education of student were greatly affected,” said a statement read on MBC.

The statement further said, “The President is guaranteeing academic freedom within the conditions of service of the University of Malawi. That Government has never and will never place spies in classrooms or within the campuses of University of Malawi.”

Mutharika’s statement also said he was appointing a High Level Commission of Enquiry to come up with a common definition of Academic Freedom, the rights of students, and general conditions of service and review of the environment on how to improve teaching and learning at institutions of higher learning.

Dr. Garton Kamchedzera, one of the fired four lecturers yesterday said they had only heard of the statement from other people on the radio and a general meeting had been called today to decide the future of the protest that has clocked 250days.


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