Waiting for Malawi Electoral Commission update

The Electoral Commission is expected to provide update as final hours of the elections approach. At least 97 percent of the centres are operating. Problems remain in volatile Ndirande Township and also at Nkolokoti where violence erupted. Reports indicate Chilangoma and Chiwembe centres not also being able to vote. However in majority of centres across the country, elections have proceeded smoothly. We expect first results from Lilongwe City and many urban areas before the Rural vote comes in. Results will be posted as they come in. We are present in 2,000 polling centres and 100 constituencies, we should be able to project Presidential election results between Dr. Joyce Banda (Peoples Party) Reverend Lazarous Chakwera (Malawi Congress Party) Mr. Atupele Muluzi (United Democratic Front) and Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (Democratic Progressive Party).
Nkolokoti after rumours that three ballot boxes were pre-marked the situation has returned to normal despite some people stealing materials. We will have live updates from this evening...stay tuned. 
Let Democracy win in Malawi


Unknown said…
I hope you are going to provide unbiased reporting..I trust in you boss

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