Emerging Picture from Presidential results and appeal for all voters be allowed to vote

Elections are expensive for everybody. In 1999, the Electoral Commission rejected results from Livombo Community Centre on the basis that they came late. They declared that it was not important in the final outcome. The MCP candidate Sam Gama was declared winner and the results were later nullified by the High Court after UDF candidate Iqbal Omar contended that every voter has a right to vote. Even without one polling station, the Electoral Commission cannot declare anybody a winner. With 150 complaints, they need to be addressed before we know the results. The Electoral Commission has a duty to ensure that every noise is accommodated and addressed promptly with the narrow margins of victory, the country could be set on fire. We appeal to EC to make sure everybody votes and every vote is counted for.
Finally for those that took oath to uphold the constitution, the time to show that spirit is now, stand by your constitution, your people and the will of Malawians, decisions we make should not inflame the situation, none save for Godfrey Jefa Kamanya (MHSRIP) need to die because of this election. Please let us be restraint and act sober.

After that, the latest update on Presidential election, as we say every vote counts:

Professor Peter Mutharika (DPP):  1 537 209
Reverend Dr. Lazarous Chakwera (MCP):  1 375 548
The results are minus Blantyre both rural and urban, Chikwawa, Machinga and Mangochi.


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