From Teargas through robbers to Aids protest

I do not believe in some super human beings or something out of the ordinary. That is why I have problems with people like President Robert Mugabe, who after 28 years in power think the best option is to remain in power. Come one, reality has shown that no one lives forever and more importantly we will all have to pave way for others no matter how our good intentions might be.
But today I am not on Mugabe, I had fun last night when Celtel rewarded its customers at Capital Hotel and someone asked me why I was dancing and cheering, I told him this was one of the most interesting weeks.
I find Government or the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) too obsessed with Dr. Bakili Muluzi of UDF, that while as Journalists we would not think a big story would emerge from many Muluzi's outbrusts, they do make a mountain out of an anthill.
Last Saturday, I was happily relaxing after skillfully avoiding Lilongwe which was tense when Government again decided to accord Muluzi with more ammunition and sympathy by arrested the former President at the airport, disarming his guards in a 'hollywood fashion" and flying him in a military plane to Blantyre as his thousands of supporters feried to Area 25 waited.
I listened to Joy radio, the only option we had as no other radio could postpone its programmes for Muluzi and I had my cousin and freind asking why Journalists were sounding on the radio as if they were about to cry. I told him of 'partsian' journalists.
Muluzi decided to spend Saturday in Lilongwe and as a good Journalist not partisan or mercenary as some radio is busy propagating, and we started at Kamuzu Central Hospital. It was my first time to see Muluzi at a close range since he left office as in 2004 I was out of the country the same between 2006 and 07, so it was nice to see him again. I dont know if he still remembers me by face but I am sure he reads my articles just like any other Malawians. His wife, the former First Lady was my primary school teacher long time ago. She still remembers me I believe.
We went to KCH's floor number 4 and into a room where Reverend Chande Mhone, the former man of God who left his calling to become a servant of politics as Viphya regional governor for the UDF was. He was severely beaten by our 'reformed' police for standing on the same line with the officers the same day Muluzi was being 'cartooned' by Government in the name of treason.
He was in paid and could not move from his bed, meaning that he cannot go to toilet and neither can he move and do anything else. Muluzi conforted him and said something like, "Its like 1993 again when we fought democracy."
Momentarily I thought he would add something about late Luke Hara and so many who were beaten ruthlessly during his term of office by young democrats. I am glad Kennedy Makwangwala the party's Chief Executive has apologised, at least lets hope they have learnt a lesson.
I saw a number of intelligence officers and some young democrats from DPP or rather I have met them at DPP functions but here they were at Muluzi's event welcoming him and smiling.
I also met a guy who I have known him to be a strong supporter of the Ethel Mutharika foundation but he was telling me something different. My good freind Trevor in UK would tell me the meaning in different words.
After Chande we went to Kaphwereza Banda's house in Area 43, I was privilaged to go inside the house and whatever was said remains only 'privilaged' information but I should say Bingu is in for a tough ride. Muluzi who sat three chairs from me is having good time and free publicity from the current police episodes.
I told my photographer to leave and use only the photo as there was nothing big that we could write on Muluzi's visit. Lo! the Police had a better way of giving me a story.
Muluzi would stop at Biwi triangle for only 10 minutes to 'greet' his supporters as it was getting late, I went on the same convoy to just hear what he had in his mind though he had already said enough in the Banda's residence.
The guys is loved by vendors and some of his followers are fanatics, a convoy of 60 cars and thousands of vendors came out. At curio centre they had their drums out praising the UDF national chairman.
When we arrived at MBC Mema studios, I saw a Police Black maria going towards Biwi, I smelled trouble.
I was proven right when Muluzi went out of the car,. the Police cars started their sirens and drove directly into the peaceful crowds and they did for sometime. The results was predictable, Muluzi left while teargas and stones exchanged the air space of Biwi. I do not want to predict anything. But surely I got a story and Government votes waned as angry passers-by lost their window screens at the same time nobody could understand why in a country with free assembly provision in constitution cannot allow people to 'greet each other'
Sometimes I suspect that some people in DPP work for UDF to undermine the democratic credentials of my President and make him less popular. You know its hard to be convinced that after the Kaliwo-Wadi saga Government would arrest Muluzi and give free publicity as they are doing now.
In the evening I was at the airport to welcome the body of one of the greatest Civil Servants who rose in ranks and did not allow his stature to fail him-Late Thouse Odalla. I last spoke to him a month ago.
On Sunday I was out of Lilongwe only to meet robbers at Mame Lodge in Mzimba who only missed my room by two rooms, after that I had a good day driving to Mzuzu, Nkhatabay and Nkhota kota.
On Tuesday I found 26 HIV and Aids support groups protesting discrimination and stigma and lack of supplements and even ARV's.
I said what? Salima is only 100km from Lilongwe, I dared the thought of far places.
Finally I returned home on Wednesday only to find that Governement is still blocking Muluzi from rallies
Can someone tell DPP and Govt that they are promoting Muluzi as a saint with their actions? The more they harrass him the more people will go to see what is it he has that makes a whole Government tremble.
I thought the Aids protest could be a priority area than wasting money flying Muluzi or teargassing innocent supporters. We are all Malawians for heavens sake.
Finally, I am assembling lawyers whose duty is ask the court that any decision made by someone in authority with ill intentions and unlawfully that will result in compensation of the victim- the decision maker will have to pay the compensation from his gratuity and property and not me the tax payer. I am tired of some sill decision makers who think they can use my taxes everyday to wilfully abuse others.
I would rather give free monies to nurses and doctors who are saving lives daily.
See you in court soon and be sure your decisions will cost you your wealth and salaries-after all section 12 of the constitution tells you clearly who has the real power.
But do we pose and think of how posterity will judge!!


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