How much can Bingu trust some of his advisers

The more my President makes a decision, mostly for someone who understand grassroot politics its looks like miscaculated or done in panic, that one would wonder where the advice is coming from. I would challenge someone to do a simple survey district by district and come up with information that can contradict most of the advice that my head of state believes. Of course one element I will accept is that Government or rather the Democratic Progressive Party always believes that Bakili Muluzi, the UDF National Chairman is up to something. This is the man they have credited of buying Judges, Journalists, doctors and now even buying all the maize to create artificial shortage. My foot and God should forbid, it seems someone in DPP is obsessed with Muluzi so much that he cannot sleep or let a day pass without thinking of this past Malawi President. But seriously, Akweni the other day and the MBC were propagating that some reporters get K150,000 from Muluzi a month to propagate negative image of His Excellency and his Government of achievers. Ironically, just on Thusrday at Capital Hotel Akweni said actually Muluzi is paying K30,000 a month. I felt a sense of dissapointment because I know the average salaries of Journalists now are beyond that figure. Of course where I work the salaries sky rocketed long time ago that it would be an insult that someone to think that a Nation reporter would take K30,000 from a politician and destroy his image for $200. I am sorry to say that whoever thinks we are that poor are misplaced and should ask their spies to correct proper data. But again it is the work of Muluzi, which brings me to what has been in my head for sometime. I find the decision by my President to close Parliament today as grossly miscaculated and an act of cowardice. Budgets in this country continue to pass and will pass even the 2008 and 2009 budget. Unfortunately the antics that my President is using reflect on some thinking in his team of advisers, staff and Ministers which pretty well makes me think someone has been feeding him lies for long. Actually, I would say blodly that Bakili Muluzi has plants in DPP who are hell bent in confusing Mutharika that he should make decisions that leaves him politically and internationally battered. I have argued before that Mutharika's economic perfomance cannot be wish awayed by anybody. I for one would testify that the man is a genius in terms of managing the economy with his Goodall Gondwe combination. But the problem again he has as everybody has pointed out is governance. Bingu today seems totally confused politically that I would not hesitate to say his has a lot of plants from Muluzi. Muluzi is a master mind of confusion, that one I would give it to him is that he is a political engineer extra-ordinaire. The guy managed to bring the feared John Tembo into his fold and also Chakufwa Chihana. He destabilised the parties that by election day, none were closer organised than his campaign. That is how Bakili Muluzi run his campaign. He trades where most of politicians have failed. I would challenge Bingu and Brown Mpinganjira to remember the many people that joined their parties UP and NDA respectively when the just formed them. The many were willing advisers and always talked of going on campaign trial but wanted transport money. When the pot dried up, they were first to defect and accuse the party leadership of lacking vision and direction. I am sure someone is being paid by Muluzi within DPP to cause such confusion as Malawi is experiencing, knowing most of them, the tactics are just be re-staged and changed a bit, but the thinking is the same. I know one who clearly got a K11 million from Muluzi some time ago and he knows how to confuse parties as part of experience. The UDF when people were leaving for DPP retain most of its strategic thinkers like Humphrey's Mvula, Friday Jumbe and George Ntafu. Some of those senior people today in DPP were just motion movers, never involved in politics. That is why DPP politics as many joke today is in the afternoon, while UDF operates at night to get what they want.
My two tambala advice to the ruling party is to create a truth machine, something that will verify any information that is given by some of the so called "advisers" and Ministers which is totally wrong.
Some of us do political assessements and as I said before beating UDF in areas where in has been voted three times before is a tall order for DPP, but at the same time the re-grouping of UDF, Uladi and Chakuamba is something that should not be taken lightly.
I would wish DPP paused a moment and reflect how and who told lies of the people that were able to campaign. You will find that the gentleman that told lies today cannot campaign.
Perhaps I can share with anyone my simple calculations that DPP could have exploited instead of enriching Muluzi with popularity by arresting him in cases that clearly are leaning on comedy.
If I was an advisor of the President, I would have told him to close Parliament on 29th April after opening it a day earlier and the opposition were boycotting it. The reasons are simple, people were accusing Bingu of being a dictator for not calling Parliament and immediatetly he calls it they boycott. He could have cancelled the sitting using section 50 of quorum and not insisting on doctrine of necessity. Politcally the public could have sided with him and in long term drum up support for the budget meeting. But he missed that opportunity and he closes Parliament when it will be difficult to make any justification.
Postponing a problem to me does not seem you will go round it, real men go through it and conquer, the act of running away from the house makes my President look like he is weak and for a voter Muluzi seems to be taking him to a corner.
Finally I would bet that you will see more political blunders and advisers and ministers who would want to drive away people from Bingu by making accusations that have no basis simply to esnure that nobody sees what they do at night.
How do you explain a Minister who instead of bringing together various professions is always attacking intelligent people to be on the side of Muluzi.
If I were Patricia Kaliati I would stop making senselesss accusation based on poor intelligence from people who want lunch money and bring in critical thinkers to develop analysis on how my party can win next year.
Uladi and Gwanda can address rallies on their own, today it is only Bingu who criss-crosses the country, the rest of his boys address rallies in their constituencies only.
It will tasking for Bingu in the next election to campaign for every DPP candidate. If I were him, I would bring in a set of new advisors, journalists and whoever I think Bakili has bought and see why and how they work to popularise their.
I would ban the hate speeches on MBC, stop talking about Muluzi as if he is a god like figure and concentrate of trumpeting my success.
Looking at the events in Malawi today, someone wants Bingu to look like a bad tomato during elections, and just like everybody in DPP it should be the work of Muluzi and he is doing a good job with the spies he has loaded in all spheres on this administration.
Dont say I did not warn you.


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