Bingu's advisers part II and Zimbabwe

I had just written another article, before it mysteriously dissappeared, but I am determined to write again on this topic. Of course I do get reactions from some people I have known asking me If I want to join a bandwagon of advisers. I am not yet 30, so I dont think I qualify to give official advice to someone except to say the truth and remain honest. Thats the only medicine I discovered of having a peace of mind through out my life, be honest and speaking the truth. Dont use lies even for entertainment.
Just last week I said Muluzi machinery seems to be working within Bingu's system to confuse the my grandfather and at the same time make the Former President look like a victim and gather public sympathy. Someone called me and said it was an assumption without evidence. I challenged him if he had ever studied political science to measure the next three decisions or mentioning of Muluzi, that it will come from State House and the matters will make Muluzi an innocent victim of a ruthless Mutharika.
Just imagine we were talking about it at Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani IV installation and on Wednesday someone decided to evite 24 families of staff that used to be housed at State House residences at Sanjika Palace. There was no notice, no written letters and today they all look like victims of an angry Mutharika who does not care, in the cold winter of Blantyre to remove Children and women of public servants to nowhere.
Seriously, forget whatever someone might try to justify, look at the turn out of events, an all caring Bakili Muluzi has provided cash and food to the victims of this political decision and now fathers are explaining to their Children that 'Bingu watichotsa mnymba zake, ndiye a Muluzi atipatsa ndalama tiyang'ane pokhala.'
I am not sure if Government or DPP machinery is able to do self-evaluation, but towads and election year making such obvous blunders is inexcusible, especially when you know your opponent is waiting in the wings to use you to gain sympathy from the same public that rejected his bid for a third term.
Further than this, I said Bingu should develop a fourth machinery of intelligence to verfiy some of the information he gets. What political point will he get in chasing innocent families of police officers.
I say fourth because i know someone who is running his own archaic intelligence network, then there is the formal one and then the Party advisors who also report mainly 'gossip' than reality and then that fat gentleman who is becoming visible at public events.
The fourth channel will assist him to verify at any politically motivated decisions if they would not boomerang on his image.
The second blunder of the week its when an advisor of the President arranges for a meeting with CCAP without an agenda and reduces the President to a cartoon who is not in charge or is not sure of what is supposed to happen. I am equally lost as to how this advisor can justfiy he cartooning of the President.
Bingu writes and reads a lot at night, I am sure the advisor could have done research and prepared some reference notes on the meeting instead of pretending that it was okey to cartoon a head of state.
Finally, Morgan Tsvangirai has played a card that has left the whole world shocked and now pretending that it never noticed that Mugabe was maiming Zimbabweans. I found it as a joke that from SADC to the UN which have all been looking at the other side to pretend the situation in Zimbabwe has now reached a crisis level.
Did Thabo Mbeki really wait for Nelson Mandela to describe 'tragic faliure of leadership' for South Africa to act, for SADC to act and for the UN to pass a resolution.
I witnessed first hand in March.April this year a young MDC supporter forced to eat a Tsvangirai poster by Zanu PF militia in Bulawayo while pasting it next to Mugabe's picture.
We hear of torture and it has been reported and well documented, I really felt Tsvangirai has let people down, any revolution comes with a price but I realised he had just revealed the pretentious leaders we have in the region and across the world.
I believe Mugabe knows his time is up and that the guy is senile to recall any sense of dignity.
I had a long debate with a Congolese Minister at a Hotel last week in Johannesburg, but he sounded admant enough to believe that Mugabe should continue. When I reminded him that Mugabe is what Mobutu Seseko was to his people, the Minister became angry and left the dinner.
Actually the Zimbabwe tragic comedy reaches its climax tommorrow with sham elections and SADC, UN and all Governments of senile leadership can only state that it will not recognise the leadership that emerges, which means eventual suspension of Zimbabwe and that no country on earth including the insesitive Russian, Chinese and Iranians who have been popping up dictators at the expense of innocent blood being shed should be told to keep quite and keep their dictatorships there.
Africa has shed enough blood, leave Africa to africans, Mbeki too needs to know that the struggles for freedom were not to replace a white coloniser with a black coloniser like Mugabe, but to attain freedom and unversal suffrage for all people of all races, tribes and manner. It was a fight for freedom not oppression, for food not starvation, for pride not shame.
I am suprised that you are all surpised today about Mugabe!!!


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