Nkhoma Synod Pastoral Letter Highlights

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Vote of Thanks

Further the Church continues to pursue various projects such as Nkhoma University and Nkhoma Radio. We are determined to fund these projects from our own resources, by the Grace of God. It has to be made known to you that some of the pledged funds towards Central Fund including the K10 million promised to us by the State President on June 5, 2011 at Lilongwe Golf Club have not been honoured yet. So we would like to appeal to all people and congregations to honour their pledges.


The CCAP Nkhoma Synod is fully aware that our Christians are living in Society that is riddled by so many social challenges. Needless to say these challenges affect the Church as well. Through this letter therefore,we take this opportunity to comment on some of these social challenges.

(i) The Devil and Witchcraft; This exist the Bible says so. Condemns all claims by witchdoctors that the can cure witchcracft.
(ii) Homosexuality: It dehumanises the people and provokes Gods wrath as it is evil.


(i) Taking custody of what we have: Due erratic rains, many parts have been affected. We therefore ask our members to take care of the little they will harvest. Let us also beware of the unscrupulous traders who will be coming our way to buy the little maize we may have.

(b) Food Crop diversification: Due to climate change we should expect changes in rain patterns. Let us diversify from traditional crops of maize and rice.

(c) Fairness in Fertiliser subsidy: Church recognises as a good step towards food security. The Green belt initiative also is a good initiative. Challenges are such as late distribution, insufficient stocks as well as corrupt practices by the sellers. In some cases farmers pay more than the set K500 for a 50KG bag and some misdirected deliveries have caused shortage.

(d) Cash crops alternatives: Tobacco market prices have collapsed. Government should take a strong lead to find alternative to tobacco. Farmers do not make money as such they end up selling maize.


Bible reference: Jeremiah 29 verse 7.

1. Positive issues

We praise God for the following things-

(a) The Multi-party system of Government is being sustained in the country.
(b) Freedom of Worship and that Malawi is a God Fearing country, according to Malawi Vision 2020.
(c) Unlike many countries in Africa, Malawi has never been at physical war internally or externally.
(d) People are free to belong to any political party of their choice.
(e) Freedom of Expression to our people and the exercise of all other rights enshrined the Republican Constitution.

2. Issues pertaining to Governance

We have to pray for the State President and his cabinet for their health to govern this nation with sober minds and concern for all Malawians without bias along tribal, regional and political party affiliation lines. People occupying senior public positions should be appointed only on merit. People occupying senior public positions should be appointed only on merit. Similarly contracts should be done fairly. It is sad to note that some ruling party political leaders are openly declaring that contracts should be awarded only to the ruling party members. This is a devastating and misleading philosophy in a multi party government.

(b) We have to pray that Government should not entice our traditional chiefs with material gifts into party politics and use them to propagate any party political agenda of the Government. They are Leaders of all people, with different political affiliation. Traditional leaders deserve their natural respect acquired by birth.

(c) We have to pray against corruption that has penetrated every section of life in our land. It is an evil that has ruined our society and needs to be addressed by us as Malawians. Christians should at all cost join the fight against corruption.

(d) Law Makers
We have to pray for our law makers to avoid being influenced by their political party biases when passing laws in Parliament. Laws like the Injunctions Bill, Section 46 of the penal code (discretionary control of the media) and some if not most parts of the Pensions Act just to mention a few, are unpopular and unnecessary and only serve political interests of a few people.

(e) Shortage of fuel and foreign exchange
Let us pray that the continuous shortage and fuel should come to an end in Malawi. This has caused acceleration in the rising prices for essential commodities thus affecting every Malawian including those in the rural areas. For example the prices of the basic commodities like maize, soap, sugar etc are on a steady increase all the time.

(f) Political violence
We have to pray against the alleged acts of political violence ascribed by some party youth wings, pray against unprofessional execution of duties by some members of the Malawi Police Service on handling demonstrations. Action taken by Police for example using live ammunitions during peaceful demonstrations of July 20, 2011 on the ordinary citizens and the killing some is a shame to Government.

(h) Government working relationship with partners
Pray for Government working relationship with other nations near and far, donor community and local NGOs.

(i) Relocation of Lilongwe University of Science and Technology and Stadium projects from Central to Southern Region.
The synod notes with sadness the sudden change of mind to relocate the two projects without convincing explanation.We need to pray against such poor and selfish decisions by Government. The move of the proposed LUSTECH from Lilongwe to Ndata Farm in Thyolo and the Stadium to Blantyre have left us as a Church concerned, these projects could have afforded our faithful and other people resident in the Central Region jobs and business opportunities.

(j) Monopoly of Trade
Let us pray for the economic injustice that we see in our land in form of monopoly of trade. There are some few individuals and organisations that are given opportunities to invest so many business and contracts to the disadvantage of some small scale businesses. Such practice renders the rich to be richer and the poor to be poorer. We emphasize that Malawians have a right to economic activity.

1.Alcoholism- especially sachets like Tyson and Ryder being access by minors.
2. Indecent dressing that is provocative and inviting
3.Early Marriages
4. Pornography


Our Lord Jesus Christ died for us to set us free so that we can be useful instruments in His Hand. He is the light to the World (John 8:12) and so are we.While we undergo the pains and afflictions of this life caused by social imbalances and injustices, we are liberated through the suffering, death and resurrection of our Master Jesus Christ. As such we can exercise our faith in Jesus Christ in our time, in our nation by our commitment to prayer. Our nation may be shaken economically, politically and socially but the authority of our Head of the Church Jesus Christ will never be shaken.
Earthly Governments come and ho but heavenly Government in which we put our faith will never come an end

Reverend Vasco Kachipapa Reverend Brian Kamwendo.
Synod Moderator Synod Clerk


Bravo Kondwani for this update,be encouraged that you must develop ur own on line news,u will giv malawians inside and abroad news that is true and collect.But you must also post ur comments on this news.
Bravo Kondwani for this update,be encouraged that you must develop ur own on line news,u will giv malawians inside and abroad news that is true and collect.But you must also post ur comments on this news.
Bravo Kondwani for this update,be encouraged that you must develop ur own on line news,u will giv malawians inside and abroad news that is true and collect.But you must also post ur comments on this news.

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