First Gentleman refuses a convoy

In a dramatic change to the way things are done by First Couples, Malawi's First Gentleman Retired Chief Justice Richard Banda SC, yesterday shocked Police officers and State House staff when he refused to use a convoy and asking them if he was "the President."
The staff were following the tradition especially by the Former First Lady, who was accorded a full convoy with Police escorts and sirens whenever she travelled, live coverage on State Radios and the title Her Excellency.
The Retired Chief Justice for Malawi and Swaziland wanted to go on a personal errand and asked for transport, and the Police officers immediately summoned a whole convoy, as was the case with the Former First Lady.
Justice Banda when shown the vehicle which was a convoy, he asked, "Am I the President here? I cannot use this?" and returned in the House.
A Police officer from State House says, "We were surprised with such humbleness, but I can tell you it is something that we discussed and agreed, this family is set to change the way we do business ion the country."


Malenga Chienda said…
This is a new era in the way things should be done in Malawi,this is a family that understands the laws of the country and it's constitution,this is pure humbleness. I love the first family!!!!
Kadziponye said…
He is a level headed man and cannot be swayed into doing such wasteful behaviour when the country is realing in dire economic challenges
Bravo to the First Gentleman, Bravo to democracy
Gerald said…
What humility!Bravo First Man. It does not get get better than this.

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