Police Officer, UDF official in a brawl as Night vigil begins

Singing saliyekha Atupele and lighting fires as if a vigil is about to start, the mood at Lumbadzi Police station remains defiant as an announcement was made that the 2014 Presidential contender will remain under Police custody.
The mainly youthful for dozen crowd has been chanting and mocking Police for being used by politicians to settle scores.
Atupeles Aunt, Esnart has also remain among the many UDF officials who include Leader of UDF in Parliament Ibrahim Matola and Mangochi North West MP Alfred Mwechumu.
Nobody has moved.
Earlier on a free comedy ensued at the gates of the Police station where the Police Mobile Services officers have been trying to provoke the crowds by option to be rude to some who want to go into the compound.
Around six pm, the officer manning the gate tried to lift a UDF official out of the gate area, but he was over powered and his blows were all defused by the official who told him, "I am just respecting your uniform but I can beat the hell out of you."
The officer was embarrassed as he rushed for his gun after being embarrassingly held both hands like being tied by the UDF official.
People are now being mobilised to spend the night at Lumbadzi Police station and the situation could turn into violent should Police continue to hold this popular young politician!


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