Julius Malema, Vladmir Putin, Coup plot and Israel- Iran War

We it has been quite an entry into the third month of 2012. The month of March, which in Malawi starts with a very important day. The 3rd of March- it is a Martyrs day, the day we remember our dead heroes whom on a similar day in 1959 were killed by the British Colonial Government for demanding self-rule and independence.
This is one of the few Holidays each Malawi agrees to and reveres.
But our political class this year decided to defecate the memory of these great souls who gave their blood and souls for the freedom of my country. They decided to politic through out the holiday weekend.
First it was Mzimba North MP Goodall Gondwe, who out all of the places decided to use the most sacred grounds- Nkhatabay- where the greatest massacre took place to tell the world that people were plotting to topple the duly elected Government of the Republic of Malawi. Had he said it on another day, one could have thought he had sensitivity of the place and memory it holds to make such nonsensical claims.
I for one believe the Government of Malawi will survive its current term until May 2014. Unless of course if the ruling Democratic Progressive Party attempts to adopt violence against Malawians, then you cannot predict the outcome.
President Bingu wa Mutharika came in the next day at Goliath and asked again the young Malawians to fight his own battles, protect him and ensure he is not insulted any more. It is unfortunate that the same neglected youth of Malawi is supposed to bear the blunt of opposing political forces, when the national cake has for long been used and abused by the elderly.
I am sure youth of Malawi have taken note of what our Leaders think should be our role in society.
Now hearing the Minister and the President speak, as a victim of July 2o Police brutality, I am short of words as to what would happen next week, next month or again the next year with the inflammatory language coming from the highest office in the land.
President Bingu wa Mutharika is remaining with less than 24 months to leave office, If he was me I would be working on my legacy which he built on until 2009. Thats a legacy of a hero who knew what he was doing. Unfortunately now, any research honest and truthful would indicate that very few Malawians trust our Leader has an idea how to solve the current crisis. Yes he has gone around to find solutions, but the quickest and easiest route it to humble down like a good Christian, reconcile with our development partners and work to bring the USD500 million locked in aid to the table. He will be remembered as a great father.
We do not eat arrogance, neither will the Zero Deficit Budget spur exports to realise foreign exchange in the short or medium term. I agree with the concept, but if the President listened and implemented it in phases, he would be remembered as a man who brought economic independence.
Lives of the poor are in great pain Mr. President, with or without devaluation the price of Kazinga one litres this week has hit a record K1,050.00 I shudder to think what will happen in the next six months.
I pay PAYE, VAT now even at the Bank, pay fuel levies and many taxes, my financial capacity is clearly chocked, it is time our Dear Leader paid attention to the suffering masses than the politicians who have very little to offer.
Actually sometimes I am suprised with the panic in DPP against a very disorganised opposition. There are just too many parties to defeat the DPP that in the end the vote will be split and the DPP will win with a lesser majority. This is a country where political greed surpasses all reasoning.
That is why we prayed from the 1st of March to the 3rd of March that God should come into the hearts of our politicians and change them. The World is at cross roads as Julius Malema would tell you, he is fighting for his survival. I would rather tell the young vibrant youth to change goals and go into his community and make a difference. He became a liability to the cause of young people when he dressed, ate and lived like a Tsar and only spoke the language of the poor when it suited him. Malema is not a poor South African youth in Alexander township of Johannesburg, he is a product of politics of greed riding on the backs of poor South African Youth.
That is why Winnie Madikizela Mandela has remained my hero despite all her faults. Michael Sata in Zambia is going the same path, but its just too early to think he will survive the trappings of powers as Bingu failed to do.
Malema patting statement this weekend is worth reflection, "The reason I do not have nightmares and the reason I do not have regret, the reason why I'm not personally hating, is because I've not done anything wrong," he said. Yet he called for regime change in Botswana and ironically supported President Robert Mugabe in Mbare the other year. He worked for himself just like many politicians in Africa.
Then there is Vladmir Putin the President of Russia. If he does not have an African gene, a communist gene must be quite similar to the one with many African leaders who cling to power. He believes he is Russia and Russia is him. He has returned to power.
China will be changing its leaders this year, President Hu Jintao will be leaving the position later to his deputy. In Russia things have gone back to the same and Putin does not see anything wrong with such a position.
He has cracked down on perceived threats, locked some billionaires but many Russians are no longer feeling safe to invest in their own country. Putin could have been a hero if he reformed Russia, made it strong again and left after two terms. Now he is a power hungry tin pot dictator who wants power and retain it at all costs. I am waiting for the comedy where the former President becomes a Prime Minister later. Mr. Midiedev failed to change Russia he should just go home.
Finally there is the issue of Israel and Iran, I am sure Israel is about to bomb Iran and the consequences will be mainly on the global economy. There are many Iranians who need food aid and support especially after removal of subsidies and President of Iran again has missed an opportunity to correct his legacy by being pre-occupied with Nuclear ambitions that costs more than bring any development to Iran.
Taking into account the too much that has happened since March 1, 2o12, it seems the New Year will have excess baggage than the past. Pray for the whole World!


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