The Future of Malawi Awards- first week nominations March 3-8

Motto: aspire.strive.achieve
Theme: I represent

Friday, 9th March 2012
The Future Awards nominations of young Malawians of Excellence opened online on Martyrs day, 3rd of March 2012. Though to a slow start, the young Malawians who have shown leadership qualities have started being nominated in the 20 categories that represents the various sectors of society. The the first week revealed of a 27 year old entreprenuer many have not heard of and also a young professional that is a lecturer at Mzuzu University.
The nominations continue until May 14 and we will post all nominated every week with the numbers of their nominations. Email to, twitter @futureawards or facebook group: The Future of Malawi Awards. Just drop a name and the category.
The other nominees are the 20 Malawians who worked hard to develop the Young People of Malawi. These will be decided upon by Judges as Honorary Fellows of the Future Foundation.
The Week beginning March 3-8 Here are the nominees and their number of nominations:

1. Young Artist of the Year (Save for music) –poets, actors, writers etc
Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa (poet)- 5 nominations
Chigo Gondwe (poet) 2
Dave Namusanya (writer) 2
2. Young Professional of the Year (any professional field)
Wapona Kita (legal)- 16 nominations
Zandivuta Kankhuni- (Mzuzu University lecturer)- 2 nominations
Bright Malopa- (Broadcasting) -1 nomination
Charles Kamoto- (Telecomns) - 1 nomination

3. Youth Worker of the Year (Activists, Youth workers and those working in
the interest of the youth)
No Nomination recieved

4. Youth Group/Organisation of the Year (Youth friendly or advocating
YADEMA (group)- 22 nominations
Youthnet and Counselling (NGO)- 4 nominations
YEDEF (Govt)- 2 nominations
National Youth Council (govt)- 1 nomination

5. Young Entrepreneur of the Year ( Young people involved in business)
Rosebill Satha-Sambo (Jards Products)-1 nomination
Patrick Chimpikiso (Travel agency)- 1 nomination
Mike Kalulu (Car Hire)-1 nomination

6. Young Best User of Technology (Young people blogging, developing science technologies)

Fredrick Bvalani- (Founder of Fuel Watch on Facebook)- 25 nominations
William Kankwamba (windmill)-5 nominations
Peter Jere- founder of Malawi2014- 4 nominations
Thom Chiumia- Nyasatimes- 3 nominations
Malawi Finder founders- 2 nominations

7. Young Farmer of the Year (Youth involved in Animal husbandry, crop,
No nominations recieved
8. Young Community Changer of the Year (Outstanding youth leaders at
community level)
Honourable Felix Njawala MP (Blantyre Kabula)-4 nominations
Leonard Yankho Phiri (Area 18)-
9. Student of the Year (Best performing student at any level of Education)
No nominations recieved

10. Musician of the Year (Young musicians that have performed well that year)
Maskal- 14 nominations
DJ Lhomwe- 7 nominations
Moses Makawa- 5 nominations
Skeffa Chimoto-5 nominations
Lulu- 3 nominations
Blasto-1 nomination
Shakalika- 1 nomination
Mada Kalamula (Deejay)- 1 nomination
11. Sportsperson of the Year (Young sportsman or woman who has excelled in the field at any level, league or type of sport)
Robin Ngalande- 31 nominations
Mwayi Kumwenda- 25 nominations
Atusaye Nyondo-10 nominations
Jester Mulima-5 nominations
Godfrey Musonda- 5 nominations
12. Youth Media House of the Year (A media house that has promoted the
causes of young people)
Zodiak- 19 nominations
Nyasatimes- 11
Weekend Times- 7 nominations
FM101 Power-5 nominations
MIJ FM-5 nominations
Capital Radio-2 nominations
Sunday Times- 2 nominations
Joy FM-1 nomination
MBC Radio 2- 1 nomination
MBC TV- 1 nomination
Together Magazine- 1 nomination
Luntha TV- I nomination
Star FM-1 nomination
Channel for All Nations- 1 Nomination
Transworld Radio- 1 nomination
Nkhotakota Community- 1 nomination
Living Waters- 1 nomination
Weekend Nation- 1 nomination
Nation on Sunday- 1 nomination
13. Journalist of the Year (Outstanding young Journalist for print and online

Simeon Maganga- 123 nominations
Archbald Kasakura-69 nominations
Akossa Mphepo-61 nominations
Phillip Pemba-47 nominations
Justice Mponda-46- nominations
Theresa Chalapula-33 nominations
Gomezgani Zakazaka-33 nominations
Caroline Somanje-31 nominations
Daniel Mawawa-30 nominations
MacDonald Thomu-28 nominations
Howard Mlozi-27 nominations
Joy Ndovi-26 nominations
Ephrain Nyondo-26 nominations
George Singini-24 nominations
Yvonne Sundu-23 nominations
Suzgo Khunga-23 nominations
Peter Kanjere-23 nominations
Emmanuel Chibwana-22 nominations
Rhodes Msonkho-21 nominations
James Chavula-20 nominations
Kondwani Kamiyala-17 nominations
Rogers Siula-15 nominations
Emmanuel Kafanveka-12 nominations
Precious Msosa-12 nominations
Bobby Kabango- 9 nominations
Kondwani Munthali -84 nominations (disqualified as he is part of organisers)

14. Radio personality of the Year (Outstanding radio personality, DJ or
Brian Banda- 16 nominations
Nicholas Mbonela- 4 nominations
Yvonne Sundu- 2 nominations
Steven Chilundu-1 nomination
Dee Jay Lomwe- 1 nomination
Jacobs Mwase- 1 nomination
Gloria Banda- 1 nomination
Joy Nathu- 1 nomination

15. TV personality of the Year (Outstanding Young person on MBC, Luntha and AFJTV)
Angel Chima- 4 nominations
Chisomo Mwamadi- 3 nominations
Timpuza Mwansambo-3 nominations
Mgeme Kalirani- 2 nominations

16. Model of the Year (Young beauty queens, models and others doing
commendable work in their roles)
Faith Chibale (Miss Malawi 2011)
17. Female Youth Advocate of the Year (A Young female who has inspired or
has been outstanding within communities)
Thembi Thadzi (national youth council)- 6 nominations
Chigo Gondwe (poet)-5 nominations
Maltida Katopola (clerk of parliament)-2 nominations
Honourable Jane Chilunga M.P- 1 nomination
Hon. Grace Obama Chiume M.P- 1 nomination

18. Young politician of the year (Youth politicians that are working to advance
the cause of young people, have integrity and are excellent performers)
Atupele Muluzi- 102 nominations
Alekeni Menyani- 35 nominations
Moses Kunkuyu- 14 nominations
Felix Njawala- 12 nominations
Grace Obama Chiume- 5 nominations
Sosten Gwengwe- 4 nominations
Joseph Chikwemba- 2 nominations
19. Excellence in Public Service Award (Any outstanding youth in public service or category including supporting the needy, sick, orphans, helping during emergencies and other natural or unforseem disasters. This award can be given without nomination.
Wapona Kita- 1 nomination
20. The Future Leader award (This is the over roll Youth of the Year Award- based on overall number of votes, issues considered and general judges decision
This will be determined at the end of the nomination week.

Honorary Fellows- The Future Foundation
The senior and elderly who have worked tirelessly for the young Malawians and promoted their interests, welfare and participation in spheres of life. 20 will be recognised in the Inugural edition of the Future Awards.
1. His Excellency Dr. Bakili Muluzi (Retired President) 34 nominations (Reasons: National Youth Policy and Youth Council establishment)
2. His Excellency Professor Bingu wa Mutharika (President of the Republic of Malawi) 31 nominations (YEDEF establishment)
3. Right Honourable Joyce Banda (Vice President of the Republic of Malawi) 30 nominations (Young Leaders Network and Youth Initiatives in Peoples Party)
4. Mr. Alex Mseka (Secretary for Youth) 30 nominations (His contribution to youth development work)
5. Mr. MacDavies Chiluzi (Director of Youth) 27 nominations (His contributions to youth work)
6. Mr. Patrick Chakholoma (UNICEF) 25 nominations (His contributions to Youth work)
7. Honourable Symon Vuwa Kaunda (Minister of Youth) 23 nominations (His contributions to Youth work)
8. The Late Aleke Banda - 20 nominations- His contributions and aspiring youth to work hard.
9. His Excellency the Late Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda (Former President of the Republic of Malawi)- 19 nominations Establishment of the Malawi Young Pioneers which empowered Malawians.
10. Mr. Baldwin Mkumbadzala- (District Youth Officer) 18 nominations (Youth work)
11. Mr. Chimwemwe Matonga- (1st Chairman of the National Youth Council) 15 nominations- Youth work
12. Mr. Ken Warren- (Formerly of Youth Council)- 15 nominations- youth work
13. Ms. Juliana Lunguzi (Formerly of UNFPA Malawi)- 14 nominations- youth work
14. Mrs Mankhambera (Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre)- 11 nominations- gender promotion among young people.
15. Mr. Mapulanga (Retired Police officer)- 10 nominations- inspiring young people to be disciplined.
16. The Late Du Chisiza Junior- 10 nominations- inspiring and training young people into theatre.
17. Dr. Blessings Chinsinga- 7 nominations- inspiring young people.
18. Mr. Kinnah Phiri- 5 nominations- insipiring young people in sports.


ASPIRE: Let the young generation of Malawi aspire for greater things in all circles.
STRIVE: Excellence among the young generation that strives to make a difference in their daily work.
ACHIEVE: Malawi should become, train and develop its own achievers in all fields.
The Awards are expected to recognise the young leaders of this generation and inspire more young people to make a difference in whatever they do within their communities.

I represent Malawi: This is the inaugural theme of the Awards and aims at encouraging taking responsibility among all young Malawians to become good and patriotic Ambassadors of the great Republic of Malawi. The core values of the theme are a commitment by young Malawians to represent Malawi in all tasks and to adhere to the following creed:
I will never steal Government money.
I will never collect a bribe
I will never cover up fraud
I am not corrupt
I will vote in elections
I truly believe MALAWI can work
I will do my bit to change my community
I love my country
I am the future
I represent Malawi, my motherland!

Nominations and selection of winners
The Future Awards is very unique as it provides opportunity to all young Malawians to participate in selecting the people of their choices through sms, vote cards and Town Hall meetings across the country. The awards are a four month process and will culminate in the sixth month as final nominations will be announced. The format is as follows:
Launch: 3 March 2012 (Probable venue: Kamuzu Institute for Youth)
Nominations open: 3 March ballot papers and online on the ground
Nominations close: 14th May, 2012
Nominations short listed announcements: June 1, 2012
Final voting starts: June 1, 2012
Voting closes on June July 6, 2012
Final Nominees Ball: August 3, 2012
Awards Ball: September, 2012

Votes constitutes 50 percent of the vote
Judges will award the remaining 50 percent of the vote


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