Congratulations to MISA-Malawi winners, Where are Malawian Youth in 2014 Elections?

Congratulations to winners of the Misaa-Malawi Press Freedom various awards. Unfortunately after participating in that lively march from Blantyre Old Boma, I had to rush to a wedding and then the Northern Region for private assignments. I could not celebrate with Phillip Aphillo Pemba, Dumbani Mzale, Wisdom Chimgwede and all other NPL Lilongwe Newsroom winners in various categories. Including a Chief "Bvuto". Finally there is something for everyone in that great newsroom for everyone to smile at.
But it was a walking conversation that I had with someone whose business and social intellect surpass multi-decorated professors of Universities that got me thinking as I left Blantyre for Nkhatabay that afternoon.
She asked me: Have you thought of what would it be if the current presidential candidates win? Where are the young people of today? They cant take up the challenge!
Obviously I pride my label as a Youth Worker not Activist, but I had no answer.
Embarrassingly for this generation they have to accept that if President Joyce Banda and her Peoples Party wins in 2014, it shall mean the same faces of Uladi Mussa dominating the Cabinet. It means nothing really new on our political landscape but the same verbal diarrhea that is almost nauseating to many Malawians. I wish Uladi Mussa could jump into minibus the way I challenged Hetherwick Ntaba and Vuwa Kaunda whom we christened "Chindime ndi Samalani" for their comical daily defense of  the late President Bingu wa Mutharika and his DPP. The rest will surely remain, I mean people like Sidik Mia, Ken Lipenga, Ephraim Mganda Chiume and others who jumped from the DPP to PP.
Now ask yourself what would happen if Professor Peter Mutharika, voila we will have more of the same Dr. Ntaba, Vuwa Kaunda, my militant Akweni Patricia Kaliati, Henry Mussa and Nicholasi Dausi. Hey wont it be more of the same and time to fight back everyone who hit us? I think everyone knows the answer.
Now lets go to UDF, apart from Kandi Padambo, if Atupele Muluzi who is riding on high morale of the this generation names likely to emerge will include Lillian Patel, Iqbal Ntandizi Omar and the same.
Of course each party has new and refreshing names like Moses Kunkuyu, Anita Kalinde, Ralph Jooma, Sosten Gwengwe, Jeniffer Chilunga, Joseph Chikwemba, Steve Mijiga and others in the Peoples Party, while DPP has Nick Masebo, Kaweche and others and UDF the Ken Ndanga among others, the dominance of the old guards will surely be felt as they play the 'rough Uladi politics" and many young people opting to be quite to avoid being embarrassed in 2014 by revelations of their sins.
All this was in my mind when I was driving to Nkhatabay. Now the question is, will this generation allow many of these politicians without principles or values to run the country again come 2014. Is it not time to shape our destiny for the next fifty years and send these "over recycle politicians home?'
You mean we cannot have people like Sosten Gwengwe, Chilunga, Chikwemba, Mijiga, Masebo, Andekuche Chanthunya, Martin Kalima, Blessings Phumisa, Thom Chiumia, Atupele Muluzi, Mathews Mtumbuka, Henry Kachaje, Thom Mpinganjira, Chipi Mpinganjira, Soulosi Chilima, Khwesi Msusa, MacDonald Chapalapata, Ben Phiri, Ben Chiza, Billy Mayaya, Benedict Kondowe, Roy Kachale, Alekeni Menyani, Titus Malipa, Chikondi Nkhoma, Mabvuto Banda, Isaac Bukhu, Kusali Kubwalo, Eunice Chipangula, Martha Chikuni, Wapona Kita, Dave Namusanya, Ackson Kalaile Banda, Pato Phoya, Taonga Botolo, hey and even Ghabadihno Mhango running for Parliament and going to change the way we think and do politics after 50 years of independence?
Is it not possible to start thinking outside the box and take our country seriously.
This is the debate we, the young people this generation should start today and see to it that 2014 is not a missed opportunity!


nice piece bro, keep it up. you are such an inspiration

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