Peoples Party Convention and the road to 2014

This week is a busy week for the ruling Peoples Party. None of its founding members save for President Joyce Banda is sure if they will make it through the national convention slated for this coming Monday 27th August 2012.
Already there are rumours, truths and half truths being perpetrated by candidates all to jostle for the best seats in the ruling elite. The best man and woman will win, but the challenge has been the issue of integration.
This week especially Monday will define the role of Peoples Party in Malawi politics and if it can survive beyond the current leadership.
Many founders are likely to loose, though many will equally be retained. The secret is how far have you engaged with the electorate.
The PP founders come from a challenging background, many sacrificed their personal well beings and joined Joyce Banda and Khumbo Kachali to challenge the autocratic nature that the Democratic Progressive Party had assumed.
No one however thought Joyce Banda would be President today. I always remember the first rally in Ntchisi where some asked me not to take their photographs for fear of being identified in the newspapers. The party has grown into a darling of all politicians.
However, just like the Provincial conferences, the PP needs to come up with a confidence, free and fair elections during the convention. Losers should accept the will of the majority.
There are reports of in fighting especially for various posts save for the Presidency. That is good for democracy and it should be encouraged. Let everybody contest for any post and let the best candidate win.
This is a lesson to all political parties that the road to 2014 should be characterized by internal democracy and Malawians can trust your parties if your Leadership is elected.
Today we will start looking at the possible structure of the PP after Monday elections.
The President; Joyce Banda, no candidate has emerged yet despite surprises could spring at the end of the filing process.
Vice President (Operations) ; Held by Vice President Khumbo Kachali, it is yet to be known if any of the Northern region politicians will fight with him for his position. Anything can happen in politics.
Vice President (Administration) to be competed by a Central Region persons, this is perhaps the hottest seat that includes so far Dr. Cassim Chilumpha, Uladi Mussa, Dave Kamange, Ken Kandodo, George Zulu, a Mr. Nkhono, Chris Chaima Banda and  Clement Stambuli. Looking at the individual strength I would bet my money on Mussa, Chilumpha or Stambuli emerging as winners for the post.
Vice President (Technical) Reserved for the South has Joseph Chikwemba, Sidik Mia and Brown Mpinganjira vying for the post. This is a tough one to predict.
Tommorrow we will look those vying for the General Secretary's post!


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