Civil Society pulls out of dialogue

A return to July 20? Malawi Civil Society has pulled out of negotiations over 20 point petition which formed the core of issues that culminated into July 20 anti-Government protests. Leader of the CSOs dialogue team Voice Mhone, accompanied by Steve Duwa, Dorothy Ngoma and a Mr. Mtonga announced the development this morning citing the arrest of Human Rights lawyer Ralph Kasambara as a major reason.
Mhone said the environment which they had agreed after the September vigil collapsed had changed with Government machinery attacking them on podiums and threats being issued by even the Head of State himself.
"We are protesting the environment. This time we will not go back until Ralph Kasambara is unconditionally released. We cannot continue to engage a Government that is not interested at all," said Mhone.
Ngoma said they had walked out of the dialogue in the morning at they presented their issues to the Government team and the facilitating team from the United Nations.
Steve Duwa said it was time Government walked the talk.
The group says they expect all the issues covered in the petition to be solved by March 28, 2012 saying after which Malawians will decide the future of the country.


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