Parliament delays over MACE

The sword- a state a symbol of Parliament- yesterday went missing delaying deliberations for almost three quarter of an hour.
Second Deputy Speaker Juliana Mphande puzzling the Honourables who already were bewildered with the unexplained 30 minute delay as none of Clerks or Speakers appeared only for her to come and announce the delay as due to "technical hitch"
The drama ended when the Mace was located after 45 minutes but it turned into another theatre as the Head Usher Jones Tsabola led the procession with the House giving him two standing ovations as he managed to lift his legs in a military parade style.
Deputy Minister in OPC Nicholas Dausi kept shouting "zosiyilana za ekelezia" while opposition benches shouted "mwamuphnzitsa liti?" or "munkweze basi."


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