Fire season

Ralph Kasambaras arrest should mark the start of a new season. Police are contesting the bail granted to him where the Courts opened temporarly to allow him out. Reports indicate that they are now outside his office.
But for a Government that has been working hard to restore its image, this is unwelcome incident and something that could have been avoided. The more some people work to restore normality, there others in the DPP who work hard to destroy any credibility of the same.
Why would you jail Kasambara, refuse him Police bail when some rich Asians stealing the much needed Forex were granted immediate bail. The same applied to Atupele Muluzi.
Kasambara might be on the wrong side of the law, but now social media is reporting of plots to assassinate him, creating all sorts of stories which I would say Government does not need at the moment.
Of course there is a shock expulsion of MBC media personnel by Civil Society in Lilongwe which is ver unpalatable.
Everyone calm down, do not create necessary tensions.
Ralph cannot hide anywhere outside Malawi if he has a case to answer, why not grant him bail, stop the invasion comedy's and allow people to concentrate on Parliament. It is high time we doused these unnecessarly fires across this country.
May be we have started the campaign season!


jacob phiri said…
Kondwani thats really true, lets concentrate on other things than that will build our nation. Give us time to thing of devlpmnt nt arrests, torching of houres n other things.

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