Ralph Kasambara admitted at Mwaiwathu Hospital, brothers House attacked

Breaking news coming in: Human Rights Lawyer Ralph Kasambara still under detention as Malawi Police Service refuses to accept a court order of his release as suffered a heart condition and been moved from Zomba Maximum Prison to Mwaiwathu Hospital.
Kasambara was still in prison despite a second court order after his bail was revoked by Police and subsquent release order denied by the same.
Prison authorities have said they are no longer keeping in custody while Police claim they are waiting for orders from above
Over 30 Police officers escorted him from Zomba but now at least 10 remain. Interestingly Police complain of shortage of manpower.
In a related development, a House belonging to Kasambaras brother Charles has been attacked this evening in Lilongwe. Details are yet to emerge full but initial reports indicate Police appeared quickly and saved the situation.
Charles runs a paralegal service group CELA which helps young people and the poor to access justice.


mkwww. said…
But why this government is doing all these serious brutal to Kasambara? yet its made he even more famous
I am wondering where we are headed to as a country...
Jesus! i keep on exclaiming to myself as socio- political events turn right and left in this seemingly warm heart of Africa - Malawi. What a shame... It also makes sense when people who are ignorant say that politics is a dirty game. I dont blame them because they interpret what has been unveiling on the ground especially in Africa...Rather, when i go back to all definitions of what politics is all about (academics), i hardly believe that politics is supposed to be a dirty game except for the picture given out by some people that we call 'politicians'. Also, let this be a call to say that 'the practice of politics' is not supposed to be for every Jack and... just like the practice of medicine and law (maybe). We need peace in this country to sustain the common belief that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa! My opinion is that this government is failing unless it makes a U-turn from lack of the rule of law and good governance of course. JUST MY OPINION PLZ.

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