A very interesting week

Well nobody can predict how the week will end. Of course we have a left over of Ralph Kasambara in town, he is a prisoner at a Hospital. But the end of the story is yet to come.
We still have Civil Society pulling out of negotiations due to poor environment and some are just becoming outright jokes with some even forgetting the mandates of their organisations.
The we have local issues, I am not sure where cholera is, how flood victims are coping up and also those that have no food in their houses during their lean period.
Then we have Parliament which is another interesting development and we are still not sure how far it will go. But there is Hope Alliance, whose owners are not yet out. I am sure by next week this blog will tell you who is behind it in the ruling DPP and has presidential ambitions.
More than once I have stated that the internal politics of DPP is more dangerous than its outside machinery and very soon, stories will come out of who and who.
What about the chances of various presidential hopefuls? This is another area that will be examined this week as we start brining more analysis and issues that will change this blog to a primary and real time news sources.
Lets all keep in touch for week beginning now!


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